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Meet Oreo’s Newest Flavor: SWEDISH FISH?

The newest flavor Nabisco is adding to the Oreo cookie flavor collection is SWEDISH FISH! And there are very mixed emotions about it:

The beloved childhood candy has just taken the chocolate cookie sandwich lovers by storm with the “WTF” evoking flavor, and if you’re lucky enough to live near a Kroger store you might just be able to get your hands on a package.

Dan via The Impulsive Buy, posted a detailed review of the product which gives us great insight of what is actually going on with the red fish gummy- flavored, creme-filled cookie.

His review begins with a genius Jurassic Park anecdote that’s too good not to share,

“Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.” Dr. Ian Malcolm famously spoke this line in Jurassic Park, and ever since, it echoes in my brain whenever a particularly weird, strange, or repulsive snack food is released.”

jurassic- meme

I’ve often thought the same thing when some of these weird flavored snack foods are released.

Here’s what he had to say about the Swedish Fish flavored snack,

“It has potent, puckering pops of candied cherry and a slightly off-putting finish of waxy gelatin.”

“There’s a processed chocolate aftertaste, but even then, it has to battle for supremacy with the cherry cough syrup layer that the creme plastered on the back of my throat.”

So clearly Dan has mixed feelings about the flavor as well, as I’m sure we all would. But it boils down to human nature and the instinctual curiosity in us all that makes us want to experience this, and every other weird food trend for ourselves.

Judging by consumers’ reactions, Nabisco should have just left the fish in the ocean on this one.


Source: Food and Wine Photo Credit: Kapado Fernandesh

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Meet The Latest Addition To The Sargento Family: Snack Bites™ Cheese Snacks


Photo by Pete Pham

Sargento is thinking big on flavor and small in size with the release of their new Sargento® Snack Bites™ cheese snacks.

Each stick is less than 20 calories. These smaller sticks of natural cheese are also offered in four bold flavors: Savory Garlic and Herb Jack, Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar, Colby-Pepper Jack, and Chipotle BBQ Cheddar.

So, what do these newcomers mean for cheese lovers? Everything. The petite Snack Bites™ cheeses offer endless cheese-snacking possibilities and journeys, as their conveniently small size allows for snacking anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re packing them into your lunchbox or simply enjoying them alongside your favorite flick, the little Snack Bites™ cheeses make life cheesy and easy.


Photo by Pete Pham

Stacking them into towers is fun too, but ultimately, the new snacks stand on their own just based on their bold flavor.

Sargento® Snack Bites™ cheese snacks are now available in grocery stores nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.69 per resealable bag.

Created in partnership with Sargento


How To Make Parmesan-Covered Zucchini Rounds


We don’t talk about it much, but we do occasionally like to eat healthy. Take these Baked Parmesan Zucchini Rounds, for example.

Created by Five Heart Home, the rounds are made with only a few simple ingredients. All you need is some zucchini, freshly-grated Parmesan cheese and some salt & pepper.

You start by slicing up the zucchini into reasonably thin pieces. Then, scoop a bit of parmesan onto each surface and add your salt and pepper. Once you pop these into the oven for about 15 minutes, they’re good to go.

The full recipe, complete with details and measurements can be found at Five Heart Home.

Definitely making these.



15 Game Day Snack Upgrades To Instantly Elevate Your Party

Based on the last two years of viewership for professional football’s Big Game, more than 111 million people will be watching later this week. For those of us lucky enough to have the day off, we’ll be somewhere surrounded by people, a large TV and most importantly: snack food. Over a billion, that’s with a “b,” wings will be served this Sunday. Without a doubt those wings will be accompanied by millions of platters stacked with various snacks, assortments, appetizers and delectable finger food.

But we’re tired of the same ‘ol thang. Delivery pizza is lazy.

Bean dip is really just refried beans with different packaging.

Using cheese out of of a can as the sole topping for your nachos? Please.

It’s time. It’s time for food to be a centerpiece, not a mundane afterthought. It’s time for party-goers to ask each other, “Have you seen the chocolate-dipped strawberry footballs?” instead of “Did you see that car insurance commercial?” It’s time for dual-purpose snack tables to become more prevalent in homes across America. Of course we want the option to instantly play old-school paper football whilst still providing a portable, durable surface for the food cornucopia.

Welcome to our first comprehensive list of game day upgrades that will leave your friends and family yearning for more food, regardless of the game’s outcome.

Turf Table


Turf Table

At first it seemed like the high school glory days would be coming immediately back to me as my first paper football flick went straight through the middle of the uprights. It felt as though nothing could stop me from entering the soon-to-be established paper football hall of fame. And then I shanked the next four flicks in a row. My dreams came tumbling down. But then I remembered that this paper football setup, outfitted with a custom turf tablecloth and hand-painted uprights, was a snack table five minutes earlier. I felt a lot better, even if that meant remembering the loss for eternity.

Materials Needed:

  • duct tape
  • strip of turf, enough to cover table you’re using
  • 1″ x 2″ x 2′ select pine
  • (2) 1/2″ galvanized floor flange
  • (2) 1/2″ PVC tees
  • (2) 1/2″ PVC adapters
  • 1/2″ x 5′ PVC Pipe
  • (8) #8 or #10 3/4″ panhead screws
  • wood glue
  • white spray paint
  • small can of yellow paint
  • folding table
  • commercial scissors
  • tape measure
  • screwdriver/drill


  1. Cut piece of artificial turf to fit the size of your table.
  2. Measure sections for where you want the yard markers to be, cover the rest of the table with tape.
  3. Spray paint the yard markers with white spray paint
  4. Cut (4) 8″ pieces and (1) 12-1/2″ pieces of PVC pipe. Apply small amount of glue to inside of two opposite facing holes of one of the PVC tees. Insert (2) of the 8″ pieces into the holes. Repeat with the other PVC tees and 8″ pieces.
  5. Apply glue to the sides holes of the PVC tees and insert the ends of the 12-1/2″ piece. This will be your crossbar. Let dry.
  6. Apply glue into the PVC adapters and place the uprights into them.
  7. Connect the (2) PVC adapters to the galvanized floor flanges.
  8. Screw the floor flanges to the pine. This will be your base for the goal posts.
  9. Spray paint the goal posts yellow.
  10. Make a paper football.
  11. Play.


Game Day Concessions at Home


Sometimes it’s the little things that add up to something greater. That’s definitely the case when using creative concession packaging to help bring the game day atmosphere to your living room. We found great options all over the Internet and party retail stores including packaging for peanuts, pretzels, hot dogs and popcorn. “PEANUTS! GET YOUR PEANUTS HEEEEEEEEERE.”

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Footballs


It wasn’t easy finding a way to upgrade chocolate-dipped strawberry footballs. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Use dark chocolate chips for the dark brown football aesthetic, and then pipe melted white chocolate chips for the laces. We recommend practicing piping with frosting on a plate or napkin beforehand, especially for first-timers.


  • 15 medium to large strawberries
  • 2 cups of dark chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips

Additional Supplies:

  • microwave safe mugs
  • parchment paper
  • 1 piping bag with #2 tip


  1. Microwave the chocolate chips inside of a mug for 30 seconds on high.
  2. Dip strawberry into melted chocolate
  3. Let excess chocolate drip back into the mug
  4. Place on parchment paper, allow strawberries to dry for 10-20 minutes
  5. Microwave white chocolate chips in a mug for 20 seconds and stir
  6. Pour melted white chocolate into piping bag
  7. Pipe the laces onto the strawberry
  8. Chill and serve

 Cheesesteak Dip


Spinach Dip is a classic. No one is saying to completely replace it, per se, but it’s always nice to provide some diversification for your taste buds. And in this case diversity means translating a Philadelphia classic sandwich into a dip with top sirloin and four different types of cheese. When in the history of mankind has adding more cheese been a bad idea?


  • 8-12 oz. of sliced rib eye or top round
  • 1/2 cup chopped onion
  • 1/2 cup chopped green bell pepper
  • 1/2 stick of cream cheese
  • 1 cup of mixed shredded cheese (we used white cheddar, provolone, pepper jack)
  • 3 tablespoons of whole milk
  • 3 tablespoons of chicken stock
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • cooking oil
  • sliced bread of choice


  1. Cut sliced steak into bite sized pieces or smaller
  2. Fire a large skillet with the cooking oil on medium heat. Add the chopped steak until cooked to desired doneness.
  3. Sweat onions and peppers in saucepan until browned. Add the steak, cheese, milk and chicken stock.
  4. Stir until cheese fully melts.
  5. Season to taste.
  6. Place in chosen container and serve with sliced bread.

 On-The-Go Peanut Trophies


You shouldn’t be awarded a trophy for signing up to play a sport. Participation isn’t what trophies were created for. But now, we finally have use for these 4-inch cups—as containers to hold delicious peanuts. And as a bonus, only your hands will be touching your snack. We think you’re a winner no matter how your team fares, and now you have the trophy to prove it.

Football Pizza


Find your favorite pizza recipe. If you’re making your dough from scratch, make sure to carve out some extra time to let it rest. If you’re using a store-bought dough, we’ve found them to be convenient, though a bit less malleable for making the football shape. Whoever originally thought of string cheese for the laces, you’re a genius.

Mini Bread Bowls


Children. Puppies. Bread bowls. What do these things have in common? They’re all cuter when they’re smaller. Mini bread bowls can also help your wallet, since they’re simply holed-out dinner rolls leftover from last night. But don’t use the dinner rolls from three weeks ago, that’s gross.

Yellow Napkin Penalty Flags


There’s always a clumsy guy or gal at a party. If you don’t think there’s one, surprise! it’s you. No longer can we allow them to spill drinks and/or accidentally change the channel during crunch-time and get away with it sans consequences. And since party referees are very expensive and completely unnecessary—we have to take this into our own hands, literally. She hits someone in the face with a poorly timed, inside-the-house football throw? Blow the whistle and throw the flag. He stinks up the living room as soon as he takes off his shoes? Blow the whistle and throw the flag. Let the party know what they’ve done.

Chocolate Caramel Football Pretzels


Football pretzels aren’t the easiest to find, but as with almost anything, enough searching the Internet can usually take you to the promised land. But the pretzels themselves aren’t enough. When you place chocolate caramels on top, slightly melt them to soften, then finish with another football pretzel, you’ve got a mighty fine, sweet snack sandwich. Don’t stick the pretzels in the oven for too long though, or they’ll get a bit too gooey and messy.


  • football pretzels
  • chocolate caramels


  • Place football pretzels on baking sheet
  • Place 1 chocolate caramel atop each football pretzel
  • Bake at 300-350 degrees until chocolate caramels start to soften
  • Remove the pretzels from the oven and top with an additional football pretzel

 Bell Pepper Dip Bowls

bell peppers

The game’s about to start. You’re fresh out of bowls and your friends are clamoring for MORE DIP. When the stakes are high, bell peppers come to the rescue. To add some color to the table: cut the top off the pepper, hole out the inside and voila, instant bowl for your dipping pursuits. We found that the wider the bell pepper the more functional.


Game Day Eating Playbook


You have to remember that people only have so much room in their stomachs. And with all of these upgrades, you’re going to have to give your guests a game plan on how exactly to consume the spread. Sure, you could create a handwritten menu, but we prefer executing a strategy with Xs and Os. Obviously, we take food seriously. Bring your A game.

Nacho Bar


The only thing better than nachos are nachos you can customize yourself. Put the power into the people’s hands, and they will love you for it. We found that aluminum foil worked really well for a single batch in a toaster oven or for multiple servings in your standard oven, so you don’t have to dirty all your baking sheets. You can easily find over a dozen different toppings just by walking through your local grocery store, which translates into thousands of delicious combinations.

Blue Cheese Ranch


No one in our office understands how our entire team has never seen this idea executed before. “Ranch or Blue Cheese?” is the standard question with any buffalo wing order, yet why haven’t we ever combined the two? Our favorite recipes for both have a base of sour cream, buttermilk and mayonnaise—so it became an even bigger no-brainer to integrate them together. Find your favorite ranch dressing and add as much blue cheese or gorgonzola to achieve the perfect taste.

Football Bread Dip


Just when you thought that dips couldn’t be upgraded anymore, here we are showcasing the grand dip finale. The football bread is easier than it looks, since you can use store-bought-french-bread dough. It does require you to tap into your elementary school art education while molding the dough into the ball shape. We thought the stripes and laces were a nice touch. I’m personally fond of filling the football bread with sriracha-spinach-artichoke dip, but to each their own.


  • 3 tubes of french loaf dough
  • 1 egg + dabble of milk


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Roll out the first french loaf dough into a rectangular shape. This will serve as the bottom of the bread bowl.
  3. Form the 2 sides of the football with the remaining (2) tubes of french loaf dough atop the rectangular bottom.
  4. Cut the excess dough on the rectangular bottom that stretches beyond the sides of the football.
  5. Roll this dough to create the stripes and laces.
  6. The stripes are simply long, rectangular strips of dough placed atop the football.
  7. For the laces, make an extremely thin strip and top with smaller, thicker strips perpendicular to the thin strip, like football laces.
  8. Place the laces separately on the baking sheet, but next to the football.
  9. Brush egg wash onto the football.
  10. Bake for 25-30 minutes, until crust starts to brown. Laces may needed to be taken out earlier.
  11. Fill inside of football with favorite dip, top with laces.

Marshmallow Cereal Treat Football


We knew once we found that football pans existed, we had to do something with them. Our best option was this cocoa marshmallow cereal treat football. In the midst of constantly using your oven and range for big game entertaining, it can be nice to prepare a dessert that needs neither. All you need are some pantry supplies, a mixing bowl, refrigeration time and white fondant for the laces and stripes. Even without much baking experience, we found that using fondant was easier than expected and took the presentation up a few notches.


  • 1 box of cocoa crispy rice cereal
  • 1 standard bag of regular marshmallows
  • half stick of butter
  • 2 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • white fondant

Additional Supplies:

  • football pan


  1. Melt marshmallows and butter in the microwave for a little under a minute. Make sure they don’t brown.
  2. Stir in cocoa powder.
  3. Add cocoa rice cereal to mixture, mix well with hands.
  4. Pack into football pan.
  5. Cool in fridge for one hour.
  6. Roll white fondant out. Cut into strips to decorate.

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Planters Peanuts. These recipes are not Kraft recipes.


This Is How Science Thinks You Should Construct a Chopped Salad Every Single TIme


Check out these combinations that’ll help you create the perfect salad designed specifically for your own tastes. The team at HuffPo Taste put days of research into perfecting your salad game and consolidated it into one helpful graphic:


H/T HuffPo


The Deep-Fried Spaghetti Dog on a Stick


Nick from Dude Foods has a gift for making us envious of his mouth-watering creations. It’s like this guy wakes up and has epiphanies that inspire him to make macaroni cheeseburgers and Doritos-crusted bacon.

This time he busted out the ol’ fryer and made a Deep Fried Spaghetti Dog on a stick.

The name says it all, as he basically shoved a stick through a grilled Italian sausage and wrapped it in cooked spaghetti. He battered it in flour, egg and Italian breadcrumbs, then put it in a deep fryer (Oil at 375 degrees) for about 45 seconds.

The end result is what we would imagine an Italian corn dog would look like, as he fried it until it was golden brown and dipped it in marinara sauce.

Nick then hinted at possibly wrapping the sausage in mozzarella cheese next time, then layering it with spaghetti for a Cheesy Deep Fried Spaghetti Dog. We can only assume that would be artery-cloggingly delicious as well.


100% Edible White Chocolate Popcorn Bowl


Recipe: Hungry Happenings


Ramen-Crusted Chicken Nuggets


Recipe: Oh, Bite It!