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These Alcohol-Infused Marshmallows Will Take Your S’Mores To New Levels

As the seasons start to change, you might be planning a camping trip — perhaps to see the fall foliage. Now a key part of any campout is s’mores, right? Well, The Naked Marshmallow Co. are now giving your fave fireside treat a boozy, sweet twist.

The British-based brand makes marshmallows in three spirit-inspired yet all-natural flavors: Espresso Martini, Elderflower & London Gin, and Raspberry & Prosecco.

Sadly, you can’t get your hands on these at stateside retailers yet. However, their website has an web store, so that should solve all your boozy marshmallow desires.

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JEFF’S TABLE: If Chef’s Table Had An Episode For ‘S’mores’ This Would Be It

Man’s greatest invention is arguably fire. The why behind fire’s inception has been speculated with many theories, but newsflash — it was to create s’mores. Look it up. Or not. Or better yet, watch this latest installment of Jeff’s Table highlighting the mighty fireside munch.

Since the dawn of time — or at least since Hershey’s chocolate, graham crackers, and marshmallows have been around — man has turned to s’mores as the go-to snack to ease their fears from a potential bear mauling or countless mosquito bites while out on any campfire excursion. You’re at the beach? Well the fire pit is never THAT far from a Great White’s bite.

But relax, worry about the bite that will introduce your mouth to a particular kind of fire reserved for the power of magma and the surface of the sun. Yet no matter how much our tastebuds are left in ashes after the first, premature bite into that melty chocolate, gooey marshmallow, and crunchy cracker, we always want… s’more.

I had to. I’ll be here all week. Good night.

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This Restaurant Deconstructs S’MORES And Elevates Classic Campfire Desserts

Restaurant and bar EP & LP is known for taking classic dishes and giving them an elevated spin. Imagine the most basic dishes, the ones you made as a kid sitting with your friends listening to ghost stories around the campfire, getting a professional culinary reboot.

In honor of campfire snacks, and the best dishes of our childhoods, the restaurant’s chefs Louis Tikaram and Zen Ong came up with a few very unique takes on three iconic dishes.

When it comes to favorites, we’ve alway been partial to s’mores ourselves, as there’s nothing like the smokiness charred marshmallows.

The Cali Cloud (Ice Cream)


This light dessert is made with a vanilla tofu custard, nata de coco, pineapple sorbet, and shaved frozen honeydew melon. The ingredients come together to form a pineapple cloud that acts as the Megazord finale to your meal. Light, but powerful.

EP&J (Peanut Butter and Jelly)


Fans of peanut butter and jelly will get a kick out of EP & LP’s take on the the classic sandwich. These “bites” are made with roasted white chocolate, salted peanuts crunchier than Doritos in a library, honeycomb, and are topped with strawberry jelly as vibrant as a neon “OPEN” sign — one that should be flashing across your mouth as you’re prepared to devour these irresistible bites.

The best part is they’ll stick to the roof of your mouth, just like the original, in the most endearing way.

Coconut S’mores (S’MORES)


Think of this dish as a deconstructed variation of a classic s’mores. EP’s spin on the campfire classic uses torched coconut marshmallow that fills you mouth with the aroma you can only find the night before sleepaway camp ends, crushed graham cracker, and Belgium milk chocolate as smooth as Don Draper himself.

Patrons have it served with fresh and freeze-dried berries and a house-made coconut sorbet, much to the delight of our lactose intolerant peeps.

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5 Awesome New Foods To Try At The LA County Fair

It’s time for the LA County Fair once again. Our entire Foodbeast crew got a sneak peek at some of the newest offerings from this year’s veritable fried food expo, held at the Pomona Fairgrounds.

We’ve got returning favorites like bacon-wrapped fried chicken, deep-fried pizza, deep fried avocado bombs, funnels cakes, and many other dishes that took the shallow plunge into a pool of searing oil.

Check out our Facebook live stream to get an up-close look at fair foods the little devil on your shoulder would shy away from.

Deep-fried Hot Sauce


This is Frank’s RedHot Sauce mixed with some batter, balled, and deep-fried. The hot sphere of solidified sauce is served with a spicy ranch and a jalapeño pepper. With its incredible kick, we see it as a fiery hush puppy. If you’re not a fan of buffalo-style heat, however, this is definitely not for you.

Found at Chicken Charlie’s.

Bacon S’mores on a stick


Imagine the best s’mores you’ve ever made during a childhood campout. Got it? OK, now let’s deep fry it and throw some bacon crumbs on that bad boy. Now, to actually see that dream come to life, hit up Chicken Charlie’s and feast on his newest dessert that takes marshmallows and fries them up in a corn dog batter. The sweet entry is then topped with chocolate drizzle and chopped bacon to stake its claim as the most intense item at this year’s fair.

Found at Chicken Charlie’s.



We LOVE anything that has to do with fried chicken and waffles, though it can be tough getting both components onto your fork. The best part of this year’s Chicken-in-Waffles is that the iconic dish is everything’s fused together in one majestic, hand-held treat.

Found at Chicken Charlie’s.

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly Corn Dogs


Pork belly fans’ already-clogged hearts will skip a dangerous beat with this one. The culprit here is a piece of pork belly that’s wrapped in bacon, coated in batter, and deep-fried like a corn dog. This fatty tour de force inspired many heated bacon discussions.

Found at Biggy’s.

Jackfruit Vegan Tacos


We were shocked to find that our favorite dish at the fair this year was actually something vegan! These shredded, seasoned jackfruit tacos are topped with a vegan chipotle mayonnaise and coleslaw. Completely plant-based and indistinguishable from its porky counterpart, these tacos just might win over some carnivorous fans.

Found at Plant Food For People.


Girl Scouts Will Be Tempting Us With S’mores-Flavored Cookies Now



Anytime the adorable little Girl Scout troopers reveal a new flavor, there’s reason to run to the nearest Trader Joe’s or Kroger and try the new cookies. The Rah-Rah Raisins release in 2015 was pretty fire, and we should expect that same kind of heat from their new S’mores cookies in 2017.

There will be two variations of the S’mores, the first will consist of a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a combination of chocolate and marshmallow filling. The second will have a crispy graham cookie, dipped in crème icing and covered in chocolate.

It’s no coincidence that the announcement came early Wednesday, on National S’mores day, but it sucks that we have to wait until 2017 to get our hands on these. They should have just kept it to themselves because now we’re going to crave Girl Scout Cookies with no outlet to get our fix!


Boring On Purpose, Graham Crackers Were Invented To Curb Sexual Appetite

Graham Crackers weren’t always the delicious flat biscuits we know so well today. It’s damn near impossible not to immediately imagine a pants-wetting food porn shot of graham crackers sandwiching slightly charred jumbo marshmallows and melting squares of chocolate, but for the case of this history lesson, you’ll want to think less sensually.

In fact some recently resurfaced news reminds us that graham crackers were actually created as a deterrent to our ferocious sexual appetites.

19th century minister Sylvester Graham preached that alcohol, meat and fatty food led to lust and sexual urges and that bland foods would curb that sinister hunger. Thanks Graham, as if I needed more tools to get curbed.



Graham’s theory went through a roller coaster of acceptance, becoming quickly adopted, gained popularity, became damn near cultish, then fell off because of said cult (hell, his followers were dubbed “Grahamites”).

Over the years, the biscuit took on different variations, until the National Biscuit Company, or as we know them, NABISCO, sweetened the bland index cards with a bit of honey, and the graham crackers we know today were born. Now graham crackers have become a flavor of their own, finding there way into a massive catalog of unique recipes and even became an OREO flavor!



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Here’s 14 Ways To Level Up A Simple S’Mores

Is there anything more heavenly on a hazy summer night than a gooey, crunchy s’mores?

Obviously not. S’mores are everything and we all know it.

But as much as we all love the traditional equation of graham cracker + marshmallow + chocolate = perfection, we would like to kindly challenge you all to step up your game.

That’s right, we’re calling you out.

So, to the brave s’mores pioneers among us, we salute you with these 14 new ways you can upgrade your s’mores this summer. Now get toasting.


Grilled Peaches, Dark Chocolate, and Brie S’mores

Peach Smores 2

Sweet peaches, that looks good. Add some bitter dark chocolate to compliment the gooey sweetness of the peach slices, and use brie cheese instead of marshmallow. But don’t be sad about not getting to toast anything — it’s a little known fact that peach slices are AMAZING when grilled.

Do what you will with this information.


Strawberry Shortcake S’mores 

Strawberry S'mores

In this twist, the graham crackers get the boot for a much, uh, softer replacement. Use some buttery biscuits to sandwich this sweet explosion of strawberry shortcake flavor: sliced strawberries, marshmallows, and melted chocolate. Hit the road, strawberry shortcake, you’ve met your match.


Lemon Meringue S’mores

Lemon S'mores

Lemon lovers, rejoice! Your favorite meringue has been downsized to  something more bite-sized. Spread some lemon curds on your s’mores and replace your regular milk chocolate with some white chocolate to perfectly compliment the sweet and tart taste we know and love.


Thin Mint S’mores

Thin Mint S'mores

This is not a drill. Sandwich your toasted marshmallow and chocolate in between two crunchy Thin Mints and leave the world you know behind. The best part? You can do this with ANY KIND OF GIRL SCOUT COOKIE. Samoa s’mores, Shortbread s’mores, Tagalong s’mores — the options are limitless.

Good thing it’s Girl Scout Cookie season, because this would be a huge tease otherwise.


Salted Caramel S’mores


Looking for some decadence this summer? Well sit back, relax, and let this salted caramel s’mores do the work, because this ish is straight up luxurious. Drip some salted caramel in between your layers of chocolate and ‘mallow for some high class s’mores action.


White Chocolate and Blackberry S’mores

Blackberry Sm'ores

All the best parts of pie, in the palm of your hand! Does it get any better than that? Combine the sweet, juicy flavor of blackberries with the sugary taste of white chocolate, and finish it off with a toasted marshmallow and your graham cracker “crust.”


Cookie Dough S’mores

Cookie Dough S'mores

To hell with salmonella! You’re going to eat this raw cookie dough with your s’mores and you’re going to like it. If cookie dough isn’t your thing, try replacing your graham crackers with two chocolate chip cookies for the full cookie flavor and none of the virus-related panic. (No, but seriously, if you don’t like to eat straight cookie dough, get out.)


Bailey’s Marshmallows S’mores

Bailey's Marshmallows

And what would summertime be without lots and lots of booze — even in your s’mores! Dunk your marshmallows in Bailey’s and let them soak in all that flavor and, of course, all that alcohol. Then, make your s’mores as usual and prepare to get your buzz on in the most delicious way.

Pro Tip: Don’t like Bailey’s? Try bourbon marshmallows instead — a different, bolder flavor that’s just as boozy.


The S’morrito

S'morrtio 2

Welcome to the Thunderdome, my friends. Things are about to get crazy up in here. Introducing: the S’morrito.  The S’morrito is the following things wrapped in a flour tortilla: marshmallows, one graham cracker, chocolate, bacon, peanut butter, and jelly. This is essentially the King of all s’mores. Bow down.


Pretzel S’mores

Pretzel S'mores 3

Salty and sweet is a time honored flavor combo, so why not enjoy it in your s’mores? For a salty crunch, replace your boring graham crackers with two pretzels! And if you’re really looking to take things too far, dip that whole pretzel s’more in chocolate and freeze for a few minutes before enjoying.


Savory S’mores

Savory Smore 3

People are always putting s’mores in a box. “S’mores have to be sweet,” they say. I don’t know who “they” are specifically, but they’re out there, oppressing s’mores every day.

Break the mold this summer and go for a savory s’more instead. Our favorite? Wheat crackers instead of graham crackers, prosciutto instead of chocolate, and goat cheese instead of marshmallows. In-sane.


Pizelles S’mores

Pizzelle Smores

Are you over graham crackers? We don’t blame you, they’re such squares (See what I did there?). To up your cracker game, don’t use crackers at all! Instead, try sweet Italian pizelles.

They have the sweet, crunchy taste and texture of a waffle cone and a larger diameter. Why do I mention that, you ask? Well, it just means more room for melted chocolate and marshmallow. Boom.


White Chocolate Pineapple S’mores

Pineapple S'mores

Looking to take a vacation? Well, we can’t send you on one. But we CAN send your taste buds on vacation with this tropical AF s’mores recipe.

Toast up your marshmallow and put it on your graham cracker, as usual. Then add some white chocolate and some sweet pineapple slices to compliment the sugary flavor. And, just sayin’, we bet that toasting pineapple over the campfire is BOMB.


Waffle S’mores

Waffle S'mores

As if we needed another reason to love waffles, now they can be used IN S’MORES. Toast up two waffles (or one, if you want to be fancy and make an open-faced s’more) and use them to sandwich all the gooey deliciousness of your marshmallow and chocolate.

Just imagine all the fluff and melted chocolate in all of those little waffle crevices. I can’t handle it.
Now go forth and start experimenting s’more! (Almost made it without a single s’more pun. Too bad.)


Restaurant Finds A Brilliant Way To Serve S’MORES


Every time this dude Nick, AKA the Grubfiend, hits me up, I know we’re gonna roll on some crazy food adventure. Take this trip to California-based dessert spot Snowopolis, for example. These guys actually made table side S’MORES.

We found this spot in Montebello, Calif., not too far from the freeway. Sure, Snowopolis is known for their giant portions of Hawaiian shaved ice. The thing that caught our eye, however, was definitely the s’mores.

The entire menu is customizable letting you choose what kind of graham cracker, marshmallow, chocolate and other sweet toppings you could want. There are seriously dozens of different items to choose from.


Scott Leotti, owner of Snowopolis, spoke about how he came up with the idea to do table side s’mores.

I wanted a dessert that was unique and would go well in a lounge-type atmosphere, especially at night. S’mores can be roasted all year which makes it the perfect treat. I wanted to come up with ways so the customer can invent it & we just put it together. So I did just that.

We grabbed a few choice toppings and flavors and decided to have some fun with it. We were served a tray of s’more ingredients. A heat cell to roast the marshmallows sat at the center of the tray.

Snow-S'mores-02Definitely be careful if you have kids though. Y’know, because of the open flames.

The result is this beautiful stack of s’mores.


Totally worth getting chocolate and marshmallow into all the crevices of my phone and camera.