So S’mores Spaghetti is a Real Thing

He’s already brought us Peep S’mores and S’moreos and even a S’more Quesadilla, and now Nick from DudeFoods is back with his latest choco-mallow-graham-cracker-y concoction: S’mores Spaghetti, molecular gastronomy-style.

Featuring chocolate and marshmallow “noodles” and a graham cracker crumble, S’more-ghetti is admittedly not the easiest thing to make, and chances are the process doesn’t properly capture the all the dimensions of the perfectly toasted ‘mallow (considering gelatin is virtually un-flammable), but it definitely looks worth a try.

And hey, any budding science teachers looking for a fun experiment to try with their students this year might consider giving this a shot. Same goes for anyone who’s always dreamt of eating spaghetti for both dinner and dessert (i.e., everyone).

You’re welcome world?