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This Hollywood Restaurant Has A ‘Big Mac’ Poutine


As much as some consumers badmouth the Big Mac, you have to admit they sell. The iconic McDonald’s item features two beef patties, lettuce, cheese slices, onions, pickles and McDonald’s Mac Sauce served on a sesame bun.

We kinda love it so much, we turned our Big Mac’s into Pizza. The latest item to get the Big Mac Mac Daddy treatment comes from a Poutinerie in Los Angeles.

Smoke’s Poutinerie in Hollywood is offering a new dish they call the Mac Daddy Poutine. Can you guess what it was inspired by? No, take a guess.


The poutine dish is made with freshly-cut fries and the Canadian staple of chicken gravy and cheese curds every good poutine dish requires. Here’s where it gets special.

Smoke’s Mac Daddy is then topped with lettuce, a cheese sauce, ground beef, their version of a Mac Sauce, pickles and sesame seeds. Kind of like a deconstructed Big Mac on top a bed of poutine. Here’s how they make it:

Fellow Foodbeast editor Reach had this to say:

Poutine is grown folk snacking. But with the Mac Daddy poutine, each bite took me back to stinky ball pits, Happy Meal prizes, and the awe in which my 8-year-old eyes viewed the size of a Big Mac.

You can get yourself a box for around $10. The Mac Daddy will be available through the next week.


This Restaurant Threw A Thanksgiving Dinner On Poutine, The Results Look Amazing

Thanksgiving Poutine 02

With Thanksgiving a little more than a month away, it’s time to start thinking about all those delicious foods that come with our favorite holiday. Now, imagine those dishes thrown on top of french fries and gravy.

Smoke’s Poutinerie, located in Los Angeles, is known for it’s poutine heavy menu. Owner Alan Goldstein has a tendency to create over-the-top poutine dishes that are pretty impressive in conception and flavor.

Along with the fries and gravy, the dish includes roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing and baby green beans. If you order a combo meal, you’ll also get a Pumpkin Pie-flavored soda. Sounds like the perfect Thanksgiving meal.

The fries can be found at Smoke’s through Nov. 29.

Thanksgiving Poutine 01

Photo: Smoke’s Poutinerie