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Food Truck Driver Kills And Cooks The Family Dog, Blames The Devil

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I really, really hate some people.

A man named Patrick Zane Thompson, 42, the owner and operator of his family’s barbecue food truck, was recently arrested at his home state of Arizona for sacrificing his family’s dog. Yeah, let that shit sink in for a minute.

According to the CBS News, Thompson saw his daughter wearing a t-shirt that he believed was associated with the Devil. His reaction was the standard, “Give me your shirt so I can throw it in the smoker and burn it to ashes” that one would receive from their father, although Thompson took it a step father.

After destroying the shirt, Thompson ran back into the house and reportedly told his family that he now had to sacrifice a male in order to atone for his daughter’s mistake. Thompson named himself, his 6-year-old son and their family dog as the acceptable candidates, but apparently had no intentions of killing himself or his son.

The family, obviously struck by fear, ran out of the house as quickly as possible, including Thompson’s 21-year-old wife and their four minors. Unfortunately, the dog was not able to escape and was captured by Thompson.

The family begged Thompson not to hurt the dog, at which point he broke the poor animal’s neck then suffocated it before putting it into the smoker. The police found the dog’s body still in the smoker when they arrived on the scene, along with Thompson praying on the sidewalk out front. When asked why he did it by the police, he responded by saying, “The devil made me do it.”

Thompson was jailed for suspicion of animal cruelty, assault, threats against his family and evidence tampering. His bail was set at $20,000, although prosecutors are looking to set it at $100,000 or more since he admitted to considering using his son as the sacrifice.



Photo Credit: CBS News


The Best Last-Minute Foodie Gifts To Buy Your Dad This Father’s Day


Photo courtesy of Bjarki Halldorsson

So you tackled Mother’s Day with ease (candles or flowers, duh) but now Father’s Day has arrived and you are at a loss. Your creative juices are completely drained. Luckily, we have some great gift ideas for Dads who love food almost as much as you do. And let’s be honest, whose Dad doesn’t love food?

Check out some of our picks below for the coolest and most unique gifts for Dads who love grilling, beer and other manly food-related things.

Monogrammed Beer Mugs


Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

William-Sonoma has a great set of 4 beer mugs that will send Dad over the moon. Everyone knows a good beer mug is a sign of a true beer drinker. The next time Dad has friends over to watch the game, they’ll all be jealous of his expertly crafted glass mug. These babies can also be stored in the freezer, which will totally change the way your Dad drinks his booze.

Omaha Steaks

Grilled BBQ T-Bone Steak

Photo by Brent Hofacker

 Your Dad will be drooling once he sets his eyes on his box of fresh Omaha Steaks. They’re basically a slam dunk. Omaha Steaks is offering a Father’s Day New York Strip Combo with 2 strip steaks, 4 burgers and 4 jumbo franks. Hopefully you can convince your Dad to share…


Charcoal Smoker


 Photo courtesy of World Market

Your Dad will be chomping at the bit to try out this handy-dandy smoker. You can practically smoke anything in this baby – meat, seafood and vegetables just got real interesting. Also, this smoker can easily be set up in your backyard. You’ll only be moments (or maybe hours) away from mind-blowing brisket, pulled pork and other authentic BBQ dishes.


Grillin’ Goggles


 Photo courtesy of World Market

Protect his eyes! Nobody wants grease spattering into your Dad’s eyes from the grill – you’d be silly not to snag him these super slick looking goggles. Not only will your dad be cooking dinner in a safer manner, but he’ll look cooler than anyone else grilling on the block.

Looking for an activity for the both of you? Try your hand at grilling with Dad. Who knows? You may be able to school him on the art of the perfect grill mark.


Beer of the Month Club


 Photo by Dave Lidbury

So maybe you and your siblings will have to split even on this present, but trust me, it’s worth it. You can choose a US beer membership, an international beer membership, or a little bit of both. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Every month, when the next beer shipment is delivered, your dad will continually be reminded of how awesome his kids are.


Popcorn Maker


Photo courtesy of Williams-Sonoma

Okay, so your Dad doesn’t cook. He’s way more of a chill-on-the-couch and watch-the-game kind of guy. No worries, a popcorn maker is the perfect gift. This popcorn maker has all of the bells and whistles from a self-cleaning feature to a popper that can make healthier popcorn without oil. Check out Spoon’s homemade popcorn toppings for ideas on how to pimp out your Dad’s snack.


Cinnamon Whiskey Infusion Kit


Photo courtesy of World Market

Fireball might not be your Dad’s speed, but this kit lets Dad feel like a real scientist by giving him the chance to make his own version of a grown-up fireball. With super easy instructions and all natural ingredients, not only is this present affordable and cool, it’s super easy to use. We can only hope that Dad will share this, too.

Written by Gilliandukoff of Spoon University


Portable Smoking Gun

Here’s some gun smoke that’s less associated with murder and more associated with deliciousness. It’s the Portable Smoking Gun by Polyscience.

With its convenient size and time-saving technique this little smoker is a breath of fresh air from the giant clunky smokers we’re used to. Just lock and load this flavor pistol with your favorite wood chips to add a subtle smokey flavor to any dish. The Portable Smoking Gun goes for about $100.

(via Cool Material)

[THX and Photo Credit t0 EatFoo]


R2-BQ: May The Good Eats Be With You

Built by the New Wookie Workshop‘s webmaster Philip Wise, we’re looking at a R2-D2 smoker built from an old 55 gallon drum. Star Wars products always have a special place in my heart, and when that product has the ability to make a rack of ribs taste like heaven, I’ve been won over.

Extreme attention to detail and a fabulous paint job all around, the unit goes almost undistinguishable as a smoker:



The Smoker Burger

There’s something about this picture that simply makes my heart skip a beat. It just looks tantalizing, everything about it is glistening. We’re looking at a 1/2 pound of Super Beef (grass fed Rib Eye/Sirloin/Prime Rib) patty, Havarti Cheese, 7 pieces of Maple Bacon (yeeeeuh!), Sauteed Onions and a house made Organic Smoked Pepper Mayo all sitting on an organic Essential Baking Company kaiser roll. This picture comes courtesy pouryourheartintoit from the Lunchbox Laboratory in Seattle, WA.


How to Make Bacon from Scratch

I came across an amazing article about making the best bacon ever, from scratch and I will tell you it’s quite a process. The beginning of the article is so well written that I just have to quote it: “Bacon. It has a wonderful place in human history. Humans have eaten it for thousands of years, traded it as a staple of economies, and most recently, turned it into an internet craze. It’s no mystery why we have a love affair with Bacon. It’s the Christina Hendricks of meat products. The smell of bacon soothes a crying infant. Vegetarians make exceptions for bacon. Bacon is the closest we can get to empirically proving the existence of God. Bacon, for lack of a better word, is The Shit”. Check out how to make this after the jump: