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Hooters Is Giving Away Free Smoked Wings For National Chicken Wing Day

Who: Hooters

What: In honor of National Chicken Wing Day, Hooters is giving away 10 free Smoked Wings when customers buy any 10 wings.

A healthier variation of their iconic wings, the Smoked Wings aren’t fried. Rather, they’re slow-smoked in-house to create a combination of juiciness and smokiness in every bite. The bony morsels of poultry are marinated in sweet and spicy dry rub and smoked with hickory.

Dry rub flavors include Texas BBQ, Caribbean Jerk or Garlic Hananero.

Where: Any participating Hooters location nationwide.

When: Saturday, July 29 2017.


Beautiful Cross Sections Of Bagel Sandwiches Have Us Drooling For Breakfast


There’s so many beautiful things you can do with a simple bagel. Other than just smearing some cream cheese and throwing some salmon onto ours, we also like to make sandwiches out of them and bask in the beautiful results.

Because the bagels have more density than regular sandwich bread or a hamburger bun, it allows for much more beautiful layers that don’t get soggy. Since we’re suckers for such perfect cross sections, here are some of the most gorgeous shots of bagels we’ve seen so far.



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This Deli Created Weed-Infused Smoked Salmon


A Jewish Bagel shop has reimagined the phrase “Smoked Salmon” as they claim to have created the world’s first weed-infused smoked salmon.

Last April, Denver-based Rosenberg Bagels decided they wanted to do something special for 4/20. Since the consumption of cannibis was legal where they were located, the bagel shop and delicatessen decided to combine it with smoked salmon to create something truly worthy of the special day.

Two ounces of marijuana trim was infused with alcohol in order to safely extract THC. After the trim was strained and the alcohol cooked off, the extra was poured over the salmon to soak. The fish was then cured for 72 hours and then smoked.

Because there were so many unknown factors in this specific method of cooking that Rosenberg Bagels couldn’t put a label on, the salmon wasn’t sold in the store.

Rather, it was just made for personal consumption.

Fast Food

Apparently, Arby’s New Smokehouse Brisket Takes 13 Hours to Smoke


We expect fast food chefery can be a bit thankless sometimes. Whether you love or hate X chain’s new pretzel-bun, beer-battered mash-up ramen burger sandwich, some culinary mastermind out there still had to both conceptualize and execute it – a task probably made significantly more challenging when the dish in question also needs to be mass-produced on a national or even international scale.

Take Arby’s new Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich for instance. Featuring Gouda cheese, crispy onions, BBQ sauce and mayonnaise and sliced beef brisket that reportedly needs to be smoked for 13 hours minimum, this thing probably takes a lot more work than most people will give it credit for. For those who do appreciate a solid slice of beef, however, Arby’s has set up a “League of Brisket” website where fans can enter to win two tickets to a pro football game, as well as collect points toward other prizes, from now until October 30.

It doesn’t seem as though fast food’s trend toward more “artisanal,” premium fare is letting up any time soon. If anyone can tell the difference between Arby’s meat that’s been smoked for 13 days and the stuff that’s only been smoked for six, we’d love to hear about it.

PicThx Arby’s


Pork Orgy

If you’re out for the kill, this Pork Orgy will do the trick. Made from a 2lb bacon weave that’s stuffed with a pound of ground pork, a pound of spicy Italian sausage and a pound of cooked bacon for good measure. Applewood smoked for that darkness and finally basted with bourbon BBQ sauce for that extra flavor. I could get used to this! (Thx TIWYF)


Craving: Half & Half Pizza

This is my favorite time of year! The N.B.A. playoffs are well underway and this pizza is going to help me get through these forty days! This pizza was smoked with two of my favorite toppings, the original pepperoni on one side and on the other half, sausage!  (Thx SMF)