Watch These People Blow Smoke Out Their Nose After Eating ‘Nitrogen Cereal’


Imagine munching on a snack that enables you to blow impressive plumes of smoke clouds out your mouth and nose like an overzealous vape enthusiast. Or dragon? Yeah, let’s go with dragon, less douchey. Anyways, yeah, back to the billowing smoke snack. Tucked within an unassuming Korean beauty and makeup shop is Chocolate Chair, a dessert chain that specializes in frozen treats like smoothies, shaved ice, and now, the infamous Dragon’s Breath.

Hearing about an outlandish result like the ability to breathe smoke out like a fire-breathing dragon from eating an everyday snack certainly piqued our interest.

Upon arrival at Chocolate Chair, we were met with a treat that consisted of large Crunch Berry-like puffed snacks that were soaked in liquid nitrogen for a few minutes. The Dragon’s Breath is then served in a cup with a long sharpened stick, akin to the ones accompanying orders of popcorn chicken at your favorite local boba shop. The snack’s treatment with liquid nitrogen creates a hyper cold bite that when consumed, results in condensation forming in your mouth and creating the smoke effects to come out your nose and mouth. Because science.

It’s worth noting that the extreme cold from the Dragon’s Breath can lead to a little bit of freezer burn for your tongue, so here’s your warning now, just so you don’t leave Chocolate Chair with singed palates.


It was definitely a cool experience, but watch out because some of the pieces are so cold that they’ll freeze to your mouth for a little bit!

The novelty of the Dragon’s Breath snack is enough to warrant you and your friends to engage in vape contests of skill and strength, seeing who can blow out smoke in the largest and most creative ways possible. Winning prize can be Khaleesi’s approval and endless adoration, until you realize that vaping will never be cool enough in The Mother of Dragon’s eyes.

But hey! Super frozen Crunch Berries and mad smoke tricks, amiright?!


Pizza Delivery App Entices Stoners With Foldable Pipe Inside Box

For the stoner who crushes a large pizza and is too lazy to get up off the couch to find their favorite pipe afterward — now there’s an app for that.

Push for Pizza is a mobile app built on the, “push button, get a pizza,” philosophy developed by its creators. While push button pizza is enough to capture the attention of any normal person, the developers at Push for Pizza —  who apparently have major consideration for stoners — designed a pizza box that can be made into a reusable pipe.


In collaboration with Nikolas Gregory Design Studio, the Push for Pizza “pipe box” has yet to be mass produced. The developers, however, seem to share high exceptions for approval.

Based on a simplistic design, the pipe can be made by removing a foldable portion of the pizza box’s lid, which is perforated. The bowl is made from the “pizza saver” and is made from “temperature resistant white ceramic.”

The pipe’s creators have yet to announce whether or not this pipe-laced pizza box will be available on or before April 20, 2016, if Push For Pizza does debut this stoner-centric invention, we’re sure there will be plenty of satisfied customers.


How To Turn A Cake Pop Into A Bong [WATCH]


In celebration of our Foodbeast Green Month, Instagrammer Tym Bussanich is back at it again with his ridiculous weed smoking antics, this time somehow finding a way to smoke out of a Cake Pop On A Stick.

Cake Pop Weed Pipe || #FoodbeastFamilyI’ve never seen anyone use a cake pop like THAT…. (#Foodbeast #FoodbeastFamily: Tym Bussanich)

Posted by Foodbeast on Friday, March 18, 2016


This isn’t the first time Bussanich has smoked out of food. He’s now smoked out of a Twinkie, and most memorably, a Cheetos Puff:

Cheetos Pipe?! 󾌴󾓶󾌺 || #Foodbeast 󾠁 Tym Bussanich

Posted by Foodbeast on Saturday, January 9, 2016


Watch This Dude Smoke A Fat Bowl From A Twinkie In True Stoner Fashion

It’s 2016 and people are continually inventing creative and unconventional ways to smoke marijuana.

By now, any resourceful pothead can fashion a smoking utensil out of pretty much anything, a roll of toilet paper (sans the paper), an apple, or a regular coke can.

But, Tym Bussanich, the Facebook user who recently showed us how to convert a Cheeto into a pipe, is at it again.

Bussanich’s latest creation might be the most stoner-esque invention to date. Behold…

Twinkie pipe!!!

Posted by Tym Bussanich on Friday, February 12, 2016

Finally, a stoner invention that kills two birds with one stoned, no pun intended. Now, when your friends come over to smoke and ask, “where the munchies at,” you can actually say you smoked them.

Packaged Food

Sit Down & Shut Up: Marijuana-Infused ‘Nugtella’ Exists


I bet whoever came up with the idea of Nugtella is pretty damn pleased with themselves right about now. As well they should. This actual pot-friendly item can be purchased at select dispensaries in California and are not available online.

The Sugarleaf-branded product comes from Organicares, makers of “medical edibles” and apparently all things brilliant. The hazlenut spread infuses 320 mg of hash oil, making for a particularly enjoyable treat. This discovery follows the recent announcement that an Official Nutella Cookbook will roll out come August 20th, making for a perfect opportunity to create incredible and no doubt mind-blowing chocolate desserts. Think “Nugtella” macaroons, chewy brownies and cheesecakes. Yes, MJ in your cheesecake.

You’re welcome world.

Nugtella @Organicares

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Hit-Or-Miss Video

Creating Liquid Smoke in a Glass

Yes, this quirky bit of information is not edible…but could impress some friends at your next dinner party. All you need is an unfiltered roll-up and a cold glass. Get that cigarette in your mouth, but don’t inhale, tilt your cup to the proper level and let the smoke come out of your mouth (but don’t blow it out) and into the glass. Let the magic begin:


How to Make Bacon from Scratch

I came across an amazing article about making the best bacon ever, from scratch and I will tell you it’s quite a process. The beginning of the article is so well written that I just have to quote it: “Bacon. It has a wonderful place in human history. Humans have eaten it for thousands of years, traded it as a staple of economies, and most recently, turned it into an internet craze. It’s no mystery why we have a love affair with Bacon. It’s the Christina Hendricks of meat products. The smell of bacon soothes a crying infant. Vegetarians make exceptions for bacon. Bacon is the closest we can get to empirically proving the existence of God. Bacon, for lack of a better word, is The Shit”. Check out how to make this after the jump: