Fast Food

Humane Society Fuels the McRib Controversy

As if there wasn’t enough buzz surrounding McDonald’s McRib, it now seems that a lawsuit is being filed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) against Smithfield Farms, the main supplier of pork for the McRib. The HSUS alleges that the pigs of Smithfield farms are being subjected to a cruel and unusual environment. The allegations maintain that pigs are being confined to small grates, many of which are covered in blood–a practice that has been deemed illegal in some states.

This, however, isn’t the HSUS’s first time accusing Smithfield Farms for its animal treatment practices. It could be theorized that the HSUS is using the publicity of the McRib to garner attention to the cause. In any event, it seems that the world just can’t get enough news surrounding this ironically ribless rib sandwich.

(Via The Huffington Post)