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China Grades Restaurants with Cartoon Smileys

The State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) of China plan to score restaurant health and safety conditions in a creative way.

China Daily reports that the SFDA will implement a grading system of food evaluation with a series of cartoon smiley faces.

“Smiley” faces will represent restaurants that exceed expectations. “Straight” faces will represent restaurants that meet the expectations or are good. “Sad” faces are for restaurants that are average or below.

According to the draft drawn by the SFDA, the scale will be based upon many different safety factors of the restaurant environment. Things that will be taken into account are: food materials, facilities, processing, food additive, and tableware disinfection.

Restaurants and businesses with a score of 90 and above will receive a “Smiley” and a 75 to 90 a “Straight” face. Score above 60 and below 75 will receive the “Sad” face.

Like the grades, businesses will be required to post the cartoon faces on a surface visible for customers to see. Regular inspections will be held throughout the year.

[THX: China Daily]