Apparently, Children Are Getting Peer Pressured Into Snorting & Smoking Smarties


Apparently, snorting and smoking smarties is the latest epidemic to plague schools in America. And yes, that’s smarties, as in those age-old mini multi-colored candies wrapped in plastic.

According to CBS News, a Portsmouth middle school in Rhode Island sent out an email to parents informing them that kids are crushing up the hard candy and either snorting the fine powder through a rolled up paper, or exhaling the dust through their mouths or nose like smoke.

While doctors say the finely chopped candy may give children a sugar rush, they assure parents that it won’t get anyone “high.” The email continued to provide a detailed list of the health risks associated with this trend, including infection, scarring of the nasal cavity and maggot infestation in the nose. The potential of crushed Smarties as a gateway drug to other substances like cigarettes were also brought up as a possibility. Although, we’re still stuck on the idea of maggots feeding off sugar embedded in your nose to take this issue seriously.

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Arizona Costco Selling $17,000 Bottle of Scotch, About $1000 Per Shot


Ever wish you could finish off your free samples marathon at Costco with a nice glass of fancy schmancy scotch? Yes, of course you have, because nothing goes better with microwaved fish sticks than a glass of ridiculously rare liquor. Luckily, the folks at a Costco in Scottsdale, Arizona know what’s up.

At the moment, the Scottsdale Costco is offering a $17,000 bottle of Macallan, which rounds out to roughly $1000 per shot.

So how do you justify dropping $17,000 on booze at Costco? Remind yourself that it was aged 60 years, that it comes in a slick Lalique crystal container, and that it’s one of just 400 bottles ever produced… ever. Only 72 of those bottles are available in the US, and how one of them managed to land at a Costco is a mystery.

For those looking for a  more cost-efficient option, we’d  recommend the barrel of Jack Daniel’s at Sam’s Club for $9660. Because a barrel of Jack > $1000 shots any day.

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Hipsters in Brooklyn Make ‘Silent Dining’ A Thing


Because nothing says good company like 90 minutes of silence and punishment for talking.

But that’s exactly what  happened the other night at Eat, a restaurant in Brooklyn that recently hosted a  dinner where all the guests vowed to be completely silent throughout the meal. The four-course, $40 dollar dinner of “organic locavore” bites, lasted an hour and a half.  If you slipped up and spoke, your plate was removed and placed on a bench outside, where “loudmouths” were expected to finish their meal.  Maybe I just don’t get it, but I’m pretty sure a simple “thank you” shouldn’t elicit such treatment.

The dinner was inspired when Nicholas Nauman, the event’s organizer, ate a meal in an Indian monastery, and remarked on the peacefulness of the experience. His goal was to eliminate the “sound and fury” of dining.


Overall, it sounds like the kind of pageantry one comes to expect from the New York dining scene.  Would you participate in a silent dinner? Let us know in the comments below!

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Amy’s Baking Company Banks on Internet Notoriety, Sells ‘Go F**k Yourself’ Shirts and Hats


Most of you remember Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, the charming duo behind Amy’s Baking Company. Their, ahem, batshit personalities gained notoriety thanks to their infamous encounter with Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares and epic Facebook meltdown, among other things.

Now, the Bouzaglos are cashing in on their internet infamy and selling shirts and hats based on the viral KN episode that caused Gordon Ramsay to walk off set. The announcement was made via Facebook and merchandise can be found on their website, featuring colloquial phrases such as, “Here’s Your Pizza, Go F**k Yourself” and “I Speak Feline Meow!”

The $25 hats and $30 shirts prove what we knew all along: Amy is an insane marketing genius who planned this burning train wreck so that she and Samy could eventually star in their own reality TV series and sell mediocre apparel that would be a starting point for a line of high-end cat nip and glitterized feline-friendly clothing. That, or, she’s just undeniably insane.