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5 Practical Ways To Use A Lemon


The majestic lemon is so much more than a garnish for your cocktails and crispy fish tacos.

Aside from its culinary uses, there are many practical things you can do with the fruit thanks to its acidity and pleasant citrus smell.

We dug around and found five practical uses for lemons outside making dishes taste better. I definitely have a newfound appreciation for it.

Furniture Polish


Whether its the desk you eat so many lunches alone at or your trusty chopping board, sometimes wood can wear down and stink after exposure to so many different foods and contaminants.

Simply squeeze some lemon juice on the surface and wipe it down with a clean paper towel. You’ll get a fresh citrus smell and slightly cleaner and healthier furniture.

Mouth Wash


Bad breath? After crushing a fat onion-filled burrito, you’re probably gonna want to clean your mouth somehow. If you gargle some lemon juice, minus the seeds, the citric acid will definitely kill any residual germs and odors from your last meal. Just make sure to rinse your mouth out with water afterwards, or that same acid will harm your teeth.

Keeps Food From Oxidizing


Ever get brown avocados or guac? The longer the emerald fruit is exposed to air, the more it goes through an oxidation process that discolors it and turns the delicious green into an unsightly brown.

If you squirt a bit of lemon on top of the avocado, it’ll prevent oxidization until you’re ready to finish off your snack. Just don’t let it sit for a week because a lemon can only do so much.

Scare Off Ants


Those pesky insects are everywhere. Unfortunately, your kitchen is a sacred space and you wouldn’t want to fill it with too many unnecessary chemicals. Peel off some of the rind from a lemon and leave it around spots in the kitchen where ants gather the most. The strong odor will keep them at bay.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Smells


YouTuber DaveHax recently purchased a product that you can plunge into a fresh lemon and spray juice directly from the fruit. With it, he recommends spritzing your garbage or bathroom whenever there’s an unpleasant or unwanted odor.

While you could easily just pour some lemon water in a spray bottle, this product cuts out the middle-man entirely.

Definitely adding it to our holiday wishlist.


These Candles Smell Exactly Like Your Favorite Disneyland Foods, Churros And Dole Whips Included


Ever wanted your house to smell like a Disney theme park? Now it can.

According to Nerdist, there’s a place that makes candles that smell exclusively like Disneyland. Candle retailer spot Anthology Candles  has created a line of Disney-smelling candles to keep you in the Disney spirit.

Some of the notable Disney food scents include Churros and the park’s famous pineapple ice cream Dole Whip and even the entire Main Street Bakery. None-food flavors include one that smells like Disney California Adventure’s attraction “Soarin’ Over California” as well as the “Haunted Mansion” located in New Orleans Square.

Unfortunately Anthology Candles seems to be out of stock thanks to overwhelming demand for their product. You can, however, check in with them from time to time to see when the candles will be available again. It’s looking like they’ll be back around March 1.


Keurig-like Alarm Clock Will Wake You Up To The Smell Of Different Foods


Last year, we wrote about an alarm clock that would wake you up with the smell of a variety of food aromas rather than a piercing buzz. The Sensorwake began as a Kickstarter campaign that eventually got funded and now you can finally get your hands on one.

Created by a startup in Paris, the alarm clock allows for the insertion of capsules that release a smell at the programmed time. The aroma lasts for about 30 minutes but is supposed to wake you up within two minutes of its release.


Like a Keurig, the Sensorwake uses replaceable capsules that feature different smells. Flavors include seaside, lush jungle, espresso, croissant, peppermint, chocolate and apparently dolla bills.

Backers of the Kickstarter are set to get their clock sometime around May. While those who missed the chance will be able to order their very own sometime near the end of this summer. Each unit runs about $109 with a pre-order promotion of $89. You can also order two packs of for $10.90.

If there’s something that’s proven to get us out of bed, it’s the smell of breakfast.

Photos: Sensorwake


This Hawaiian Mushroom Makes Women Orgasm Just By Smelling It

I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news:

Scientists have discovered an orange mushroom in recent Hawaiian lava flows that can induce instantaneous orgasms in women just from the odor it gives off. That’s right, fellas. You can get your girl to bust nuts all over the place just by having her sniff this thing.

This orgasm triggered by fungus, or “fungasm,” is due in part from hormones in the mushroom that are close in similarity to the same ones picked up by our own neurotransmitters. Basically, the smell of this shroom makes the female body think it’s having sex. Imagine walking into a sorority house with your pockets filled with these mushrooms.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 3.57.14 PM

Mushroom Stock Photo

Take your time, I’ll wait. Really let your mind paint that picture, and enjoy it while you can. Because here comes the bad news:

The orange mushroom smells orgasmic to women and literally caused nearly half of the volunteers for the study to climax. Unfortunately, it smells like week old horse shit to men. In the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms, the discoverers of the orange fungus, John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, concluded that all the male test subjects were repulsed by the fetid smell.

So if you’re bad in bed and need a little bit of help, go find these mushrooms and hide a bunch of them under your bed. Then grab a clothes pin for yourself. Thank me later.

Photo Credit: Deviant Art 


New App Tags Your Photos with ‘Zesty’ and ‘Caramel’ Aromas You Can Smell


It’s mouth-watering enough to see a picture of someone’s delicious meal, but now you can take that experience even further, with a new device called an oPhone. Really.

Created by a Harvard alum, it uses a mobile application called oSnap, which allows you to take photos, then tag each image with terms like “zesty,” “jasmine,” or “caramel” to convey the particular scent of your experience.

Then, the message is sent to the oPhone “dock” which reads the aroma signals you’ve sent it via the app, and reproduces them in smellable form.

The tech is still in crowdfunding stages so it won’t be available for personal purchase until next year.  However, there are still public oPhone hot spots where you can test the device out for yourself.

So what do you think? Cool new technology worth paying attention to, or just the latest fad?

H/T First We Feast


Apocalypse Avoided! Judge Denies Attempt to Shut Down Sriracha Factory


It looks like a national Sriracha crisis has been avoided, for now. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge denied the city of Irwindale’s request to shut down production of Sriracha over complaints that the odor emanating from the factory was causing burning eyes, irritated throats and headaches.

“You’re asking for a very radical order on a 24-hour notice. You probably should have come in earlier,” Judge Robert H. O’Brien told attorney June Ailin, who represents the city.

O’Brien’s ruling enables the plant to finish processing the peppers they’ll need for the following year’s hot sauce supply, with just over a week left in the harvesting period. However, despite the city’s request for a temporary restraining order being denied, another hearing for November 22 is scheduled to determine whether a shut down is needed to fix the alleged odor issues.

When the city contacted the company about the smell last year, CEO and founder David Tran of Huy Fong Foods said active carbon filters were installed in the factory, in addition to an extra layer installed later. Initial reports from air quality inspectors detected no smell 20 feet from the exhaust system, with a mild chile odor — rated 1 on a scale of 1 to 10 — found in the factory’s lobby. As for the nearby streets surrounding the factory, no smell was detected.

Still, as Tran told the LA Times, the chiles pack a punch for a reason and “if it doesn’t smell, we can’t sell.” You’ve got to admit, the man’s got a point.

H/T LA Times


Worst Idea Ever: A ‘Skunk Spray’ for Curbing Appetites


Why does losing weight have to suck so much? Why does exercise have to hurt and steak have to taste like heaven’s leftovers?

A new weight-loss spray out of Britain isn’t going to make things any better. It’s called the “Stink Yourself Slim,” and inventor Alex Fontaine came up with the idea after she had her lunch ruined by the presence of a stray skunk. The idea, in case you can’t put two and two together, is that by dousing your delicious Monkey-style In-N-Out burger in skunk-funk, you’ll be so turned off that you remember to reach for the salad instead.

Except of course, if I have enough willpower to reach for the spray in the first place, shouldn’t I also know just to not order the burger?

Other equally-reasonable applications include: skunk-bombing the competition down the street to drive business to your own restaurant, giving yourself a five-seat buffer in a crowded movie theatre, and blackmailing your way to better Halloween candy loot.

H/T + PicThx Design Taxi


Japan Invents ‘Smell-o-Vision’ for Smartphones, Cartridges That Emit Mouthwatering Scents


Meat’s expensive. Sure, you probably could have funneled your monthly data plan money into more than a couple cuts of steak, but then how would you use this crazy scented smartphone app?

It’s called Scentee, and it was designed to help poor college students and dieters cut back on calories and save money by tricking them with smell. Just plug in the Square-esque scent cartridge into your smartphone, load the photo app, and cozy up to a nice bowl of delicious (and cheap) rice or bread or salad. It’ll be just like having your favorite foods right there in front of you. Except, you know, not.

Rocket News reports the cartridges come in a wide range of frustratingly mouth-watering scents including apple, coffee, cinnamon roll, and, starting in mid-November: meat – namely, short ribs and beef tongue. So the next time you turn down an invitation to All-You-Can-Eat Korean BBQ, you can at least take comfort in having your room (and we’re assuming your clothes) smell just like it.

Check out the new Hana Yakiniku (“Nose Grill Meat”) Scentee in action in the video below.

H/T + PicThx Rocket News