Hobbit-Inspired Beers No Longer Middle Earth Exclusive


Fans of the Hobbit film series will be pleased to hear that novelty beers will soon be available based off of the popular Lord of the Rings franchise. In a partnership between Fish Brewing, Ocean Brands, LLC and Bevlink, LCC, three brews were created based on the series’ well-known villains.

The beers are Gollum Precious Pils, Smaug Stout and Bolg Belgian Tripel. Gollum Precious Pils features an Imperial Pils that claims to be as smooth and crafty as the lovable creature itself. Smaug Stout finds its inspiration from Russian Imperial Stout with hints of Habanero chilies, because dragon. Bolg Belgium Tripel is styled after Belgium Tripel that’s supposedly as strong as the Orc chief himself. Each alcoholic beverage boasts a 10% ABV and is packaged in 22-oz bottles.

While the final installment of the Hobbit Trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies, doesn’t hit theaters until Dec. 17, the beers will be available this week for purchase, presumably at alcohol retailers.

H/T Beer Pulse