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Fast-er Food: McDonalds Testing Order Ahead App

mcd ordering

Last September we reported that McDonalds had started testing a mobile payment app which must have gone well since the fast food giant has expanded the pilot program to 22 locations in Columbus, Georgia.

Other chains, such as Chipotle and Starbucks, have been successfully using this concept for a while. Dubbed “McD Ordering”, the app is already available in the iOS and Android stores, it just hasn’t been publicly announced yet.

McDonalds is looking for the app to streamline orders more than anything else. Though it’s being promoted as a way to skip the line or drive-thru, according to the tutorial, customers will still have to check in at the curbside pick-up or inside the store to confirm and pay for their order, which will then trigger the order to be cooked up. It will then be delivered curbside or flashed on a screen so you can bypass the main order line. Basically, you’ll still have to wait for your order, you just won’t have to deal with the employees.

If you happen to frequent the golden arches the app will save customized orders but as with every McDonalds visit, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you order.

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$1000 Glass Toaster Will Toast Shrimp and Steak to the Perfect Temperature

Toasters just making toast is a thing of the past.  At the EuroCucina 2014 tradeshow in Milan, kitchenware brand Bugatti demonstrated the elite “Bugatti Noun” transparent toaster that claims to cook anything from shrimp to steak. Oh, and regular toast too.

The toaster is made from glass and chrome, reheating and cooking food via semiconductors embedded in the glass. Using heat-resistant cooking bags, the toaster is designed in a way that allows you to cook consistently and without those bulging hot coils which always threaten to burn your hand off.


The Noun, which is operated through a smartphone app, allows you to search for recipes and send the proper time and temperature directly to the toaster via Bluetooth connection. The Bugatti Noun toaster is set to debut in Europe, with the US to follow at the beginning of 2015.

This innovative device is not for the frugal – for $1000 a pop, this is for people who take their morning toast seriously.

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Lemme Buy You A Drank, With My Smartphone

Can I buy you a drink — with my iPhone?

Thanks to a new iOS app developed by urban bar chain, Bar Louie, and Seattle startup graZie Mobile, you can. While you can’t really buy anyone a drink at any place at any time (that would be so cool!), this app does let users essentially gift cocktails to Facebook friends at any of Bar Louie’s locations all over the U.S.

With the the Bar Louie Mobile Drink App, you can send, receive and request drinks through the restaurant, as well as post the happenings of your night out.

Bar Louie CEO John Neitzel told PR Newswire that the company wanted to come up with a fun, interactive way for guests to combine “a celebratory cocktail with the power of social media.”

But will the app catch on among other bars and restaurants? Hopefully so. Cheers to one of the first apps that allows you to pull out your iPhone and say, “Guys, the next round’s on me.”

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