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This Keurig-Like Machine Can Make Cookies In Less Than 10 Minutes


It seems like there’s a Keurig-type machine for almost everything these days. Whether it’s coffee, juice, or cocktails, you can have your vices made instantaneously as long as you have the right pod for it.

What if you’re itching for some cookies though?

A new smart cookie oven, appropriately named CHiP, is designed to create gourmet cookies in less than 10 minutes. You just open up a cookie pod and pop in a pre-measured amount of cookie dough. Consumers can use one of CHiP’s many flavors, or their own cookie dough for the device.

The cookie oven lets you control and keep track of your baked goods through your smart device. Who doesn’t want cookies in less than 10 minutes?

Currently a Kickstarter campaign, CHiP has raised a little under $40,000 at the time of publication with more 23 days left to go.

Preorders for the device start at $99.

Fast Food

Domino’s Found A Way To Bake An Entire Pizza In 4 Minutes


Sure, ordering a pizza gets easier year after year. You can literally Tweet an emoji and a pizza will be sent right to your home. The only downside is the waiting game.

As easy as it is to order, you still have to wait at least 15-20 minutes for that pizza to be made. Even longer if you’re waiting for delivery. Now, Domino’s has found a way to get that pizza done much faster.

Mashable reports that the pizza company is developing an oven that will cook a pizza in only three minutes.

Called Project 3:10, the machine made its debut in Australia. While its initial prototype clocked the pizza-making process at 4 minutes and 10 seconds, it will continue to work out the bugs until they get that number down to 3.

The science behind it comes from “smart ovens” that add heat directly to the pizza at the right amount of time and speeds up the baking process.

A traditional Domino’s pizza takes 7 minutes and 15 seconds to cook.

Domino’s is also striving to get that 3-minute pizza delivered in 10 minutes once it’s ready.

What a time to be alive.


Domino’s Is Actually A Tech Company That Just Happens To Serve Pizza


When you hear the name “Domino’s” your mind automatically starts building your favorite pizza. The pizza brand has become synonomous with fast-casual pizza. With each innovation the company has developed in recent years has anyone noticed that Domino’s has slowly positioned themselves as a tech company?

The pizza company has made amazing strides in the past decade. Domino’s has gone from selling acceptable fast-food pizza to revamping their entire recipe in 2009 down to the crust. Here’s the thing, it worked.

Sauce is good. Crust is good. Pizza’s good. 

Now that they’ve knocked out the recipe, Domino’s seems to have more time to focus on the tech aspect of the company. Nope, you heard it correctly. Tech.


It began with a newly designed website that allows patrons to track their orders. A simple solution to the restless patrons hungrily waiting for their pies to be delivered.

Customers could even customize their trackers, picking the theme and chef. From there, the pizza process was summed up in five steps from placing an order, prepping the pie, baking, quality check and having it ready.

The pizza chain didn’t stop there, however. With the advent of mobile technology, Domino’s was one of the earliest fast food companies to take advantage of the platform.


Image: PRNewswire

Eventually, more platforms arrived at the scene. Domino’s began to expand its presence even further.

Utilizing voice commands, Domino’s personal Siri-like assistant “Dom” will take your order for you through an Android Wear watch. Scarily convenient enough, Dom isn’t limited to the confines of your smart watch. Rather, the AI software is accessible through various platforms including Ford SYNC cars and Samsung TV sets in what they call the “Anywhere” program.

Imagine watching a movie in the comfort of your own home. When the hunger sets in, all you have to do is push a few buttons and a pizza is on its way to your home. Movement is set to a bare minimum.

Domino’s is doing all their tech development in-house.

The company has dedicated an entire department to creating apps to accompany multiple platforms instead of opting for a 3rd party solution.

Domino’s has since made its presence known as an ‘e-commerce’ company that just-so-happens to sell pizza pies. The company has taken advantage of multiple platforms and appears to be growing with the every technological opportunity that presents itself.

Domino’s has announced plans to introduce themselves to more platforms this year. As of 2014, Domino’s has an estimated worth of $32.9 billion.


Here Are 6 Foods That Will Make You Smarter [VIDEO]

During my formative college years (hah), I spent half my days trying to study, and then the final hours prior to those big tests loading up on things I heard were brain foods. Peanuts were good, right? Right. So I often jumped over to the vending machine, bought Peanut M&Ms and the biggest bag of salted almonds I could find. Smart, eh? Not really.

Looks like I was eating pretty naively trying to prepare for those tests, but thankfully the folks at have put together a cute little video that shows off 6 brain foods that could ultimately help you get a higher score on that next test.

Did you know that the capsaicin in pepper will lower your stress? Cayenne peppers contain a compound that makes your brain release calming endorphins. Or that eating Kale can lower your brain age by 1 to 2 years? Damn, if I was still in school, I might start each test off with a kale, cayenne lemonade…doesn’t sound too bad: