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Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos With Tequila Sunrise Slushies

Alcoholic seltzers have resolutely established themselves as the predominant drink of this summer. If you’re going to have to sit around the house, it may as well be with a drink that’s easy to sip, light, and refreshing.

Less known, however, is that, while delicious on their own, their fruity flavors and light fizz make the seltzers quite the cocktail mixer. And, in the summer of at-home seltzer drinking, a vacation-worthy cocktail is always needed.

In honor of this, we teamed up with Bud Light Seltzer to create a couple of recipes that’ll send you to the beach on the very first sip. 

This drink takes inspiration from the ever-popular Tequila Sunrise, as well as the upcoming Dia De Los Muertos. 

By turning a tequila sunrise into a slushie and adding some bubbly seltzer, this cocktail will liven up any weekend (or hey, maybe weekday!) spent at home. 

The full recipe for the slush is below, and if you’re in California, make sure to take a look at iHeartRadio and Bud Light’s sweepstakes, as it could land you a $500 gift card to a local Hispanic grocery store. Click here to enter.

This recipe collab is featured at participating hispanic grocers.

Mango Tequila Sunrise Slush

Yields: 2


  • 1 cup orange juice
  • 1 can Bud Light Seltzer Mango
  • 1 1/2 – 2 cups ice
  • 2 oz tequila
  • 2 tablespoon grenadine syrup
  • Mini sugar skull candy and orange slices for garnish


  1. Freeze the orange juice in an ice tray a couple hours beforehand. 
  2. Add the “orange cubes” into a blender along with the ice, tequila, and seltzer. 
  3. Blend!
  4. Add the grandine to the bottom of a glass, then pour in the slushie directly on top.
  5. Garnish with orange peel. 

And that, my friends, is really about it. These things are dangerously easy, taking no more than a couple minutes to whip up. 

And I say that to say this: that twelve pack of seltzers isn’t going to last long.

Created in partnership with Bud Light.

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Coca-Cola Japan Launches Frozen Coke and Fanta Pouches You Can Drink On The Go

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Frozen Cokes hit the spot on a hot summer day, as you can typically run down to 7-Eleven or a movie theater and chug one of these cold slush drinks.

While we love them here in the U.S., they must be more of a hit in Japan, because Coca-Cola announced it will be releasing Frozen Lemon Coke and Fanta pouches you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

The Frozen Fantas will consist of the orange and grape flavors, and all the drinks will be available frozen or unfrozen.

This is basically Coke’s version of Capri Sun that you stick in the freezer until slushed up, which is what many do with Capri Sun, as well.

According to the Independent, these pouches have been in the works for eight years, as they tried to get the formula right. Someone should have told them that they can just leave a bottle of Coke in the freezer for 45 minutes and get the same result.

It’s early, so there’s no word if this could ever reach the U.S., but until then, you’ll have to walk to 7-Eleven, or like, just use your freezer and do it the old fashioned way.


This Is The Most Instagramable Booze On Social Media

According to Insider, Bar Primi in NYC is serving something called Frosé and it sounds delicious.

It’s also beautiful.

#Frosé Friday 🍓

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The creators of the Frosé bought a slushie machine, poured a bottle of Rosé in it, along with strawberry pureée and some vermouth and called it Frosé.

This frozen cocktail closely resembles a daiquiri which is a popular frozen strawberry rum drink, only Bar Primi took the fancy factor to the next level utilizing the pink wine.

It’s definitely the next most Instagramable beverage of the summer, and it comes at an appropriate $14 a glass.

This pretty pink drink also hails from New York City, which is already on the map with its Instagram-worthy foods like Morgenstern’s beautiful black ice cream that blew up Instagram earlier this summer.

A lot of people are getting crafty with homemade versions of the beverage on Instagram, and there have been other frozen wine beverage recipes to come from the internet, but this is the first that uses Rosé.

Rosé has a reputation for being fancy as f*ck, and was even Andre The Giant’s drink of choice before entering the ring.

The Frosé looks to have a wonderful consistency to it, that no home blender can likely recreate using ice!

The fancy beverage has definitely made Bar Primi the summer drinking destination for New Yorkers.


Source: Insider Photo Credit: foreveranny