Get A Free Slurpee On 7/11 at 7-11

The one time of year when slurpee lovers can get a free cup of that heavenly mix of sugary syrup and ice from the Slurpee King’s themselves, 7-11. This year will mark the convenience store’s 83rd birthday and 7-11’s will be giving away 7.11-oz drinks from 7am-11pm while their supplies last. So don’t miss out on this sweet deal. (Thx hayabusa)


Young Hero Gifted With a Year's Supply of Slurpees


While at a family friend’s house in Santa Ana this past weekend, 9-year-old Max was taking part of his normal kid duties…enjoying the sun, enjoying the pool, and enjoying the company of two other children, Damien, 3, and Angel, 2.  The backyard swimming adventure quickly took a turn for the worst when young Angel removed her floaties during the brief moments where Angel’s father stepped away from pool. Moments later, Max spotted Angel at the bottom of the deep end and without hesitation, dove in and brought her to the surface for the parents to administer CPR. Currently, Angel is still hospitalized, but it was Max’s quick actions that led to her fighting chance. Following the incident, Max’s mother bought him a Cherry-Cola slurpee. 7-Eleven decided to do the boy one better by awarding the Orange County boy with a year-long supply of Slurpees for his heroic deed! (Thx OCRegister)