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Watch A Mouse Trap Rip Through A Hot Dog In Slow Motion

I’m a sucker for anything shown in slow motion. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching sports and could spend hours gawking at Vince Carter slowly spinning in the air for dunks.

Who knew the slow motion art could transition so beautifully to food, as we’ve seen popcorn pop in super slow motion, Coke cans explode dramatically slow, and even models hop on Skittles-filled trampolines.

Now we get to witness something a bit obscure, as YouTube channel Warped Perception posted a video of a hot dog being slowly sliced with a mouse trap.

Warped Perception has built a rep for this kind of slow motion food art, and recorded this one at 147,000 frames per second, which makes it look really dramatic.

As a man with his mind in the gutter, this video actually made cringe and reminded me of threats from crazy ex-girlfriends. I’ll let you figure out those threats on your own, but in the mean time, enjoy the beauty of this video.

Art Video

Popcorn Popping In Super Slow-Mo Is The Most Beautiful Thing You’ll See Today

Watching anything in slow motion gives it a little more drama and excitement, but watching food, specifically, move in slow motion creates a sense of art that’s ultimately pleasing to the eye.

Case in point, Warped Perception’s video of popcorn popping at 30,000 frames per second, which is slow enough for you to appreciate the moment that kernel fully develops.

Unlocking the mysterious process of popcorn popping is interesting in itself, as it’s usually in a bag or Jiffy Pop container when it takes place, but seeing it done in 4K slow-mo is extra special.

In the vid, you get to see the kernel’s shell slowly break open, as the fluffy corn expands like a rose in full bloom.

It’s definitely beautiful, and extra dramatic with the background music.

Fast Food Hit-Or-Miss Video

Watch Hot Wheels Dramatically Collide With Eggs In Super Slow Motion

Growing up, we loved collecting Hot Wheels toy cars. Racing them down bookshelves and crashing them into toy soldiers, it was all part of a growing up with a semi-decent imagination.

Kids seem to be getting a little more creative these days. The dudes over at popular YouTube channel Gabe and Garrett created a video highlighting Hot Wheels stunts using farm fresh eggs.

Shot in super slow motion, the cars race off the track and collide with the eggs in a sick, sizzling reel of plastic and poultry. Sure, it’s a waste of perfectly good eggs, but it’s still pretty fascinating to watch.

Check out the video for a hearty dose of egg-cracking’ action.

Celebrity Grub

Watch Guy Fieri Eat a Pizza in Slow Motion While ‘Killing Me Softly’ Plays in the Background

guy fieri

Let’s be honest, when it comes to Guy Fieri news, it’s hardly ever interesting. But there’s something calming about this video that makes you not want to kick Fieri in the nuts as much. Love him, or hate him, the combination of pizza and Roberta Flack at least make this video bearable.

H/T Mashable


Slow Motion Gelatin Cubes Are Beautiful [VIDEO]

What started as an idea of food stylist Marilinda Hodgdon turned into 4 minutes and 13 seconds of pure food spectacle. The dancing Cubes of Gelatin were shot with the Phantom HD camera by Steve Romano, cut to the song “Lazarus” by Porcupine Tree. The cubes are shot at 1,000 frames per second and played back at the traditional 30 fps, resulting in images being rendered 100 times slower than we’d normally consume them. Enjoy the bliss:


Soda Exploding in Slow Motion [VIDEO]

This video was shot an incredible 1000 frames per second. With a total runtime of 1:56, it’s amazing how a bottle exploding (I’m going to guess Mentos did the trick) kept my attention for so long. All the incredible detail of the liquid is so much more beautiful when you’re given the opportunity to observe it in such smooth, exquisite detail.


Video of the Day: Pop Corn Pop in Slow Mo