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Chipotle May Step Into The Burger Business


Looks like Chipotle wants to focus on burgers now. According to Bloomberg, the company filed a trademark application for the slogan “Better burgers.” For a brand that solely focus on fast-casual Mexican food, that’s definitely something different.

Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold told Bloomberg that the filing was a potential idea that the company is exploring.

While it probably won’t have anything to do with Chipotle’s current set of ingredients, imagine stacking a burger with some carnitas and carne asada drenched in hot sauce.

That’d probably sell.

We wonder, though, if putting energy into burgers is the best idea of Chipotle right now. The food safety situation has been kind of a mess these last few months.

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This Might Be McDonald’s Brand New Slogan


It seems like the days of McDonald’s popular slogan, “I’m Lovin’ It.” might soon be a thing of a past. The fast food burger company has filed to trademark an updated slogan:

The Simpler the Better.

According to Fortune, McDonald’s has been working on streamlining their burger-making process to get customers their food quicker using simpler ingredients.

Sure, just because they filed for the tagline, it doesn’t mean they’ll actually end up using it. It does, however, kind of fit with McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook’s new direction for the burger chain.

Hopefully, it remains unchanged. We’ve grown attached to Lovin’ It.

We talk about it more on this week’s Katchup.

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After 40 Years, Burger King Drops ‘Have It Your Way’ & Adopts Cryptic ‘Be Your Way’ Slogan

Be Your Way BK

We’ve been told we could always “Have It Your Way” at Burger King. That’s no longer the case as the fast food chain has now decided to drop the famous slogan for a “simpler” one. After 40 years of branding the classic tagline, Burger King is now going with the phrase “Be Your Way” instead.

According to Ad Age, the reason behind this change was due to Burger King wanting to create stronger emotional connections with self expression. Burger King wants customers to know it’s OK to be themselves and not be perfect. That’s all well and good, but what does it have to do with me ordering a Whooper Jr.? I can still get it with onion rings inside, right?

While the original phrase reminded customers that customizing their food was always on the table, the new phrase seems like a cryptic philosophy a mentor would give a young boy from Jersey right before a karate tournament.

The tagline is set to air this week as Burger King introduces their new King Deal’s Value Menu, a value menu that includes several $1 items. This is Got Milk Milk Life all over again.

H/T Ad Age