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Kool-Aid Is Letting You Have Your Slime and Eat It Too

Popping open the bag of slime ingredients, I was hit with an unmistakable sugary, vaguely cherry smell that sent me back to a time of diagonal-cut grilled cheeses and light up Sketchers: ah, Kool-Aid.

First it was powder packets, then it was juice pouches, and now Kool-Aid is teaming up with YouTuber Karina Garcia to bring its trademark flavors to a new platform — slime. 

Garcia started making instructional YouTube videos on how to create slime about four years ago and has amassed over 9 million subscribers since then. Her videos have gone over slime made from nearly every substance on earth, from candles to spicy ramen. She’s also launched a line of DIY slime making kits and written a couple books (only two of which are about slime). 

Seriously, the amount of slime-related content she’s made would make Young Thug jealous. 

This time, it’s Kool-Aid. And it’s edible. These are truly revolutionary times. 

The slime is well, slimey. It’s a little grainy and maintains the stretchiness of Play-Doh, but it’s definitely something you can get weird with. The taste is true to Kool-Aid and packs the same, sweet punch it always has. 

Kool-Aid’s Edible Slime will be available exclusively at CVS, and be sure to tag @KarinaGarcia and @CraftCityLife on Instagram to share your creations with the Slime Queen of YouTube herself.

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You Can Now Buy Nickelodeon’s Infamous Slime As A Condiment

Harkening back to my youth, I remember much of my childhood entertainment featured a lot of green slime. Particularly Nickelodeon’s infamous brightly-colored sludge. Not gonna lie, a part of me has always wondered what the green goo tasted like. My eight-year-old self would ask: How come those kids never licked the slime off their faces?

Well it seems like Walmart and Nickelodeon partnered up and recreated the iconic green slime for all to enjoy — in condiment form. While actually a ketchup, the emerald topping will look and feel like slime.

Not too long ago, former Double Dare host Marc Summers revealed that the original recipe for the televised slime consisted of vanilla pudding, apple sauce, green food coloring, and a bit of oatmeal.

Obviously, that doesn’t sound too appetizing to consume — well, actually that doesn’t sound half bad either.

Until they recreate the texturized original, the new slime ketchup is now available at Walmart locations nationwide. I may grab a bottle and see how it holds up on a hot dog, corn dog, some fries. Stay tuned.

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Twinkies Adds Ghostbuster-themed Flavor To Hype Upcoming Film


The new Ghostbusters movie is a little more than a month away and promotions are starting to kick into gear for the franchises’ reboot. Hostess, best known for their iconic Twinkies, teamed up with Sony Entertainment to release these rad looking Key Lime Slime Twinkies.

Almost identical to a regular Twinkies, the new flavor boasts a bright green, lime-flavored creme filling.

You can find the limited-edition Ghostbuster Twinkies available at grocery stores nationwide. You’ll probably want to hurry, though. Whether or not the movie does well, these spooky-scary Twinkies look pretty damn cool.

Ghostbusters hits US theaters July 15.

Photo: BusinessWire