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Arby’s Releases An Entire SLIDERS Menu For Bite-Sized Appetites


Arby’s is making its sandwiches a little smaller for those who can’t commit to normal-sized ones. The fast food chain is now offering five different sliders for patrons to choose from.

Chicken ‘N Cheese Slider features crispy chicken tenders and melted cheese.

The Ham ‘N Cheese Slider boasts thin smoked ham slices and melted cheese.

Similar is the Roast Beef ‘N Cheese Slider swaps the ham for roast beef slices.

The Corned Beef ‘N Cheese Slider has thin slices of corned beef and cheese.

Finally, the Jalapeño Roast Beef Slider which stacks the same as the Roast Beef ‘N Cheese but with the addition of roasted jalapeños.

If they’re anything like the Mighty Minis that Arby’s introduced a few years ago, an order of 2 sliders should cost you a little less than $3.


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White Castle Debuts Veggie Sliders No One Asked For


White Castle announced Tuesday that they will immediately begin serving a new vegetarian alternative to their famous sliders. The East Coast-based fast food chain will now include Veggie Sliders on their menu.

The slider features a Dr. Praeger’s veggie patty, which is made with carrots, zucchini, peas, spinach and broccoli, among other ingredients. They’re then lightly seasoned, grilled and thrown on a White Castle slider bun. Patrons can choose from one of three sauces: Ranch, Honey Mustard or Sweet Thai.

The sliders were tested throughout the past summer at select White Castle locations. It looks like they finally made the cut and will find a temporary spot on the White Castle menu.

White Castle will serve the sliders at pretty much all of their 400 locations, though the vegetarian alternative will only be available for a limited time. Each slider will be available for 99 cents.

Sure, no one makes the journey to White Castle just to try Veggie Sliders. Though buying one for the road probably won’t kill you.

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Waffle Fry Slider Burgers


Recipe: Neighbor Food

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Taco Bell Uses Shrink Ray to Test $1 Crunchwrap Sliders


Before the gimmicks, before Doritos, before taco waffles, there was Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap: a humble bit of fast food ingenuity, that combined everything decent about fake Mexican food into one neat, catchily named package. So, yes, you can say we’re a little excited about this.

Out in Ohio, Taco Bell is currently testing — has been testing for a least a month now — a new line of mini Crunchwraps they’re calling Crunchwrap Sliders, because screw real food categories, right? Like the original Crunchwrap, these guys take a firm, folded tortilla and stuffed it with your choice of beef and cheddar, barbecue chipotle chicken, or bacon, lettuce, and tomato fillings, but in a size barely larger than an open adult palm. Instead of the original taco shell round, the sliders also get their crunch from a nice helping of Fritos chips, presumably for size reasons, but maybe also because the tiny corn curls were feeling left out of big brother Doritos’ party.

Either way, if you’re in the area, you can grab yours for just $1, or all three for less than a cost of a regular Crunchwrap (about $3.29).

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White Castle Enters Food Truck Game with the ‘Crave Mobile’


White Castle’s signature square sliders are rolling in style with the introduction of two brand new White Castle food trucks. The specially outfitted burger vehicles will start off catering special events (because let’s be real, what wedding or funeral would be complete without a plate full of White Castle sliders?) and then branch out to offer more traditional dining services. Where exactly depends which areas of Louisville, Kentucky and Columbus, Ohio White Castle bigwigs deem lucky enough to receive a visit from the special slider trucks.

The trucks are still hammering out their menu, but right now it looks like they’ll offer three variations on the traditional sliders that customers know and love. This includes the possibility of never-before-seen options like caramel fries that would be available for in-truck dining only. We gotta say, the mental image of one of these babies rolling up to our neighborhood and popping out tray after tray of sliders with a side (or three) of caramel fries is a pretty good one. Alas, White Castle’s food truck experiment is confined to Kentucky and Ohio for now, so we’ll just have to do some serious drooling from afar.

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4 for $1 White Castle Sliders this Father’s Day Weekend


If you’re juggling between getting dad a new tie or a tool belt for Father’s Day (answer: neither), stop by White Castle this weekend and swoop up 4 original sliders for $1. We can almost guarantee that your dad will be thrilled over the thought and immediately announce you to be his favorite child.

Although, if the latter is your actual goal, we suggest you get him this (trust us).

The 4 for $1 offer at White Castle is valid today, June 15th, and Sunday, June 16th.

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White Castle Offers 25 Cent Sliders in Honor Of National Hamburger Month

Slider Bration 600

Following April with all things grilled cheese, May is officially National Hamburger Month. Yes, those who yearn for the simple taste of sliced beef on a bun can now stand in unison.

White Castle, known for their iconic and tasty sliders, is doing National Hamburger Month justice with “Slider-bration.” All throughout May,  24 hours a day, seven days a week, a different White Castle will allow “Cravers” to purchase sliders for just 25 cents.

Jamie Richardson, Vice President of White Castle hopes these Slider-brations will make this year’s National Hamburger Month one of the biggest and memorable ever.

… it’s standing in line at 2 a.m. at your favorite Castle for 25-cent Sliders or hitting the road to satisfy the Crave at as many of our restaurants as possible …

Those who call the Northeast or Midwest their home, here are the deets:  Every two hours you can purchase an Original Slider for just 25 cents each. Customers can track when and where the Slider-bration will take place on

Unfortunately, those hoping to endlessly load up on sliders will be saddened to know that you are limited to 10 per order. Although, if you can manage 10 sliders in one sitting, kudos to you.

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Pizza Hut’s New ‘Pizza Sliders’ are Basically Glorified Bagel Bites


Although you’re probably stuffed sick of pizza after game day, Pizza Hut is now offering mini “Pizza Sliders” to lure you back. Starting today, the pizza sliders are available in either a box of three for $5 or a box of nine for $10.

The mini pies are 3.5 inches across and nine of them make the equivalent of a large pizza. The main selling point, however, is the fact that customers can now pick three different toppings for both the box of three or nine — a level of customization that appeals to parties with varying topping preferences.

The inspiration behind the sliders comes from Pizza Hut India’s popular “iPan” dish, which was sold in batches of three. As burger sliders began to gain momentum with American palates, the chain decided it was time to bring the foreign item to the  U.S.

Although, let’s be real. We’ve had “Pizza Sliders” in the States for years now — they’re called bagel bites and you can pick them up in the frozen aisle. I kid, kinda, but stop by Pizza Hut on Tuesday between 4 pm – 7 pm to try them out for free.

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