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You Can Get Paid To Eat Free Pizza Hut, Here’s How

Pizza lovers, the job of your dreams just arrived. Those days crushing slice after slice, breadstick after breadstick, have all led to this — a job eating Pizza Hut for free while getting paid to do so.

A site named MyOffers is looking for individuals called Tester Keepers to go out, eat, report on the Pizza Hut menu, and submit some photos. According to the posting, you’re encouraged to grab some of your pizza-loving pals (or solo if you choose) and roll out to select Pizza Hut locations in the United Kingdom.

Man, days like this I wish my body could tolerate dairy. It just sounds like my college years, except I get paid for eating pizza — not the other way around.

The chosen applicants will get £125 ($165 USD) to splurge on pizza. At many of those locations, £125 will go a long way as the international chain offers a lunch buffet options (AYCE pizza, bread sticks, salad, and pasta).

Anyone interested in applying have from now through Aug. 31 to bust a move. All that pizza isn’t going to eat itself.

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Slice Is Finally Coming Back, But With A Major Change

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If there was a soda that could instantly transport us back to our youths, it would be Slice soda. Between the sweet can design and the trace amounts of actual juice, Slice was our beverage of choice as we trudged along the painful period called adolescence.

Like with Tim Allen sitcoms, it appears Slice will also be making a return to the spotlight.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Chicago entrepreneur Mark Thomann has obtained the trademark rights of the beverage from PepsiCo and will be distributed under the new company New Slice Ventures.

Unfortunately for Slice purists, the drink will undergo a change to fit our more health conscious generation. The soft drink will now become a beverage low in sugar and calories that’s sweetened with real fruit juice.

Think of it like LaCroix, just slightly sweeter.

Kind of makes sense that they’re going after the sparkling water demographic rather than retread their attempts against major sodas.

While the new Slice product is still in development, Thomann hopes to have it available to retailers within the next six months.

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Use This Detailed Knife Guide To Help You Become A Master In The Kitchen

The knife is as quintessential to cooking as fire is. From the most basic task, like slicing a lemon, to more intricate cuts requiring superior knife skills, there are more than 10 different types of common kitchen knives to aid you in such. So to help you, Reddit user Randomusefulbits shared this detailed knife guide to reference when deciphering which knife is best for the job at hand.



It may seem simple, but the anatomy of a knife can tell you a great deal about what its primary use should be. The blade edge is an important place to start and this comprehensive knife guide shows the alternative cutting edges on each knife. The most common are straight, serrated, and granton blades.

Detailed knife guide

Straight blades are usually the sharpest, and are perfect for slicing fish, chopping vegetables, and cutting raw meat.

When cutting foods with a hard exterior yes a soft interior, like pineapple, watermelon, or bread, it’s best to use a serrated blade.

Granton-style blades have shallow grooves along the cutting edge, and are designed to cut through moist items. These oval shaped grooves help prevent the blade from sticking.


Now that you’ve got your cutting edge selected, it’s time to pick a knife. Some common, everyday knives include the pairing knife, a turning knife, and a boning knife.

Detailed knife guide

A pairing knife is a small, yet sharp kitchen tool that is great for tedious tasks like peeling potatoes, and coring items.

The turning knife sports a short curved blade, with a longer handle. Turning knifes are ideal for peeling fruits and vegetables, but the curved blade allows for a bit of style in each cut.

When removing meat from the bone, a boning knife is a recommended choice. Equipped with a slight curve, boning knives are a great tool to incorporate when dealing with fish or poultry.

For large jobs, use a large knife. Here’s where the use of a filleting knife, a utility knife, or Chinese cleaver will come in handy.

Detailed knife guide

The filleting knife has a long, skinny blade and a sharp cutting edge. There’s a bit of flexibility in the blade which makes it ideal for delicate tasks, like removing skin from the meat or filleting a fish.

The highly versatile utility knife is a strong, powerful knife. Use the utility knife when you’re chopping small cuts of meat and vegetables.

The Chinese chopper — also known as a Chinese cleaver — is similar to a cleaver, but is not ideal for cutting through bones. Use the Chinese chopper for large cuts of meat.

When butchering meat, the cleaver, Santoku knife, and Chef’s knife are the most ideal choices.

Detailed knife guide

Identified by its rectangular blade, and thick cutting edge, the cleaver is exceptionally useful when splitting large cuts of beef or spare ribs.

The Santoku knife is a great choice for chopping or mincing meat or vegetables. A true santoku will have a Granton edge, which will prevent moist food from sticking to it, making it useful to scoop chopped bits of food.

The ever versatile Chef’s Knife has a weighted blade that makes it easier to rock back and forth while chopping. If there’s one knife in your kitchen, make sure it’s this one.

Even if you’re just making a turkey sandwich for lunch, a bread knife, a palette knife and a carving knife will help make clean precise cuts.

detailed knife guide

A bread knife has a sharp serrated edge that will slice through a loaf of bread without tearing. The bread knife is also an ideal knife to use when slicing tomatoes.

A palette knife, is not sharp but will allow you to lift and slide between items. It’s a good tool to use when cooking on a skillet.

Lastly, a carving knife is perfect for cutting those paper thin slices of turkey, ham, or beef that we all know and love.

Using what we’ve learned from this detailed knife guide should help shape the understanding of the capabilities of all the different cutting options available to us. There’s definitely plenty of knives to choose from, but this should help even the most amateur chefs cut skillfully and gracefully.

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5 Ways To Reheat Cold Pizza


Cold pizza is one of the greatest pleasures in the history of mankind. Let’s get that straight and out of the way. There’s nothing like rolling out of bed, opening the fridge, and just devouring a couple leftover slices before officially declaring your body awake. It really does set the tone for the rest of your day.

Now, if you’re one who has to enjoy their pizza hot, there are multiple ways to go about reheating your slice.

Let’s get to it.



The quickest, and laziest way to get that pizza piping hot is to throw it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. However, you’re gonna end up with a soggy crust that’s just underwhelming. Only use this as a last, desperate resort.

Toaster Oven


An upgrade from the microwave, for sure. Throw your pizza slices in the toaster oven and set it  for about ten minutes. Your crust should be crispy and your cheese slightly melted. We actually like to leave it a little longer so our slice is a tad well done, but to each their own.


If you have the time to spare, fire up the grill on low to medium heat and throw your pizza slices on top. You can either place it directly on, or lay down some aluminum foil. Close the grill and leave it alone for a few minutes. The pizza should be crispy and cheese runny, with a newfound smokiness to your bite.

Iron & Hair Dryer

If you’re on the road and setting up shop in a hotel room that’s devoid of microwaves, there’s still a way to get that crispy slice. You just have to get a little creative. Turn on the hotel’s iron and set your slice crust down so that it touches the surface of the iron.

Then, take your hairdryer and hold it about six inches from your slice. The iron will get the crust crispy while the hairdryer will get the cheese nice and gooey.

Just make sure to clean up after you’re done. Don’t want to iron your clothes for a business meeting and have it smell like pepperoni and anchovies now… or do you?



This is probably the best way to heat a pizza to get it as close to the original texture of how it came out of the pizza oven. First, heat up a non-stick skillet at medium to low heat and set your slice down for two minutes so that the crust gets crispy. Then, on low heat, take two drops of water and add it to the skillet away from your pizza. Cover your skillet and allow the water to create steam, melting the cheese.

This method, unlike the toaster oven, will get your bottom crust crispy while keeping the edges moist.


This Noodle Pizza Is Simply Un-Pho-Gettable


When homie Josh Elkin rolls into town, I like to pick his brain about two things: food and comic books. After hearing his thoughts on the movie Deadpool, the topic of pho came up (for some reason). The Vietnamese noodle soup has become quite mainstream in the last few years, even as far as getting fusion creations like the Pho Burger and the Phorrito.

There was a fire in that Canadian rapper’s eyes and, shortly after, the Pho Pizza was born.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • steak
  • chili powder
  • olive oil
  • garlic powder
  • salt
  • lime
  • rice noodles
  • 2 eggs
  • spicy garlic sauce
  • Hoisin sauce
  • onion
  • Thai basil
  • sprouts
  • jalapenos
  • Sriracha

Here’s what to do:

Throw a cut of sirloin steak in a freezer bag.

Add your chili powder, olive oil, salt, lime and garlic powder and let it marinate.

Boil your rice noodles and allow them to drain and cool a bit.

Fry up your steak.

Add your two beaten eggs to the rice noodles and fry them up in the shape of a pizza crust.

Mix together your Hoisin sauce and spicy garlic sauce. Three tablespoons each should be more than enough.

Pour your sauce mixture on your pho crust and spread it around.

Slice up your steak.

Now, start topping your pizza with sliced onions, basil, sprouts, jalapeño and steak slices.

Finally, add a drizzle of Sriracha on your Pho Pizza before slice that bad boy up.

Photos: Marc Kharrat

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Baskin-Robbins Is Selling Dessert Pizza And Here’s What It Looks Like


Looks like Baskin-Robbins is stepping into the pizza business. Kind of. According to GrubGrade, the ice cream franchise is unveiling a brand new dessert pizza that’s set to make a national debut.

GrubGrade, currently at Dunkin’ Donuts Headquarters in Massachusetts, posted a video clip of an upcoming commercial for the new menu item.

Polar Pizza from @baskinrobbins #behindthebrscoop #icecream #pizza

A video posted by GrubGrade (@grubgrade) on

Called the Polar Pizza, the dessert comes in two different flavors: one chocolate based and another cookie based. In the same style as regular pizza, the Polar Pizza is made with a dessert crust that’s smothered with a cream center. 

The pizza is then topped with various sweet ingredients and cut into individual slices. You can pick it up and eat it the same way you would a pizza. 

New Polar Pizza from @baskinrobbins #behindthebrscoop #pizza #icecream

A photo posted by GrubGrade (@grubgrade) on

More Polar Pizza from @baskinrobbins #behindthebrscoop #icecream #pizza

A photo posted by GrubGrade (@grubgrade) on

Look for the Polar Pizza in stores in the not-too-distant future. Baskin-Robbins and Dunkin’ Donuts are both part of parent company Dunkin’ Brands.


FOODBEAST KATCHUP: Star Wars Disneyland Food, Sexy Fruits & Free Donuts

Man, what a week. Our team sat down and took a look at some of the top stories on the site and our social channels over the last several days.

We bring you up to date on the new sliced chocolate that everyone’s talking about and how to get a free dozen Krispy Kreme donuts. We take a look at the new Star Wars foods they’re serving at Disneyland as well as all the sexy new ways to spend time with grapefruits.

Check out our weekly Katchup in the video above.


1. Rice Krispies Taco Shell


2. Chocolate Slices


3. Unexpected Ways To Use Food Sexually

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 4.56.13 PM

4. Disneyland Star Wars Food


5. Free Krispy Kreme Donuts

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 4.16.48 PM

6. Japanese Pop McNugget Bucket


Celebrity Grub

Patrick Stewart Asks An Unexpectedly MAJOR Question About Pizza Setting Twitter Ablaze


Sometimes, scarfing down a slice of pizza means crust and all. For those who just aren’t about that, however, an interesting question was posed by none other than actor Patrick Stewart himself.

In a recent Twitter post, Sir Patrick Stewart asked fans if leaving behind a crust meant they even ate the pizza at all. Two years ago, the actor claimed to have had his first-ever slice of pizza. Since then, it seems he’s become comfortable enough with the Italian dish to ask such a thought-provoking question.

Following his tweet, fans have begun a spirited discussion as to whether or not one has truly eaten a pizza if the crust is left to waste.

What do you guys think?

Photo: Patrick Stewart