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This Woman Seriously Just Compared The Vegan Struggle To The Holocaust

I’d like to think this girl’s YouTube channel is satirical, and she’s not serious, but nothing makes sense in the world these days. There’s a terrifying chance that this woman actually believes the nonsense she’s spewing out.

Could not eating meat actually be affecting her mental health, because she seriously compared veganism to the holocaust and slavery. I’d like to think we can mostly all agree that that’s bullsh*t, right?

Our country’s in a fragile state right now, so I just want some reassurance that I’m not weird for thinking this girl’s bat sh*t crazy.

Sorsha Morava has a YouTube blog where she gives some vegan recipes, talks about her vegan lifestyle, and says meat-eaters support the holocaust.

Morava draws you in with her purposely cleavage-filled thumbnail photos, and outlandish video titles, and right when you think she might explain herself with a valid point, she ends up just putting down others for the sake of animal love:

“It simply means that the same exact oppression that happened during slavery, is happening this very second… When you consume animal products, you’re supporting exploitation, torture, rape, enslavement, and slaughter,” she said in her video titled, ‘I’m a racist privileged vegan bitch.’


Nope. You DO NOT get to make a point by showing someone being hanged next to a pig.

You do not have to highlight another people’s oppression in such a disgusting way to get your point across.

If you want to say that we are equal to animals and swear by it at the top of your lungs, that’s fine, but it is unnecessary to bunch it together with the historical struggles of others.


I’m being extremely nice about this, too, and trying to understand her point of view. Her videos could easily be ripped to shreds in a harsher way, but I’m trying to take the emotion out of this, and calmly point out the blatant lack of compassion for her fellow man.

What’s the point? You want to convince people that your belief is right, but you do so by hurting others, defeating the purpose of trying to preach kindness to all beings. Congratulations, you played yourself.

Then she goes on to say that Hitler modeled the Holocaust after the meat industry, so of course, it means that meat-eaters support the Holocaust.

It’s a great way to get page views, but again, what are you really achieving?

By her logic, since Pamela Anderson is vegan, that means all vegans support the making of shitty TV shows. If you don’t want to support the making of shitty TV shows, eat some meat, please.

I’m done with this world.


Rich Singaporean Couple Charged With Starving Maid With Bread And Instant Noodles


A Singaporean couple are facing charges in court that they forced their Filipino maid to only eat bread and instant noodles, causing her to lose 44 pounds over the course of 15 months.

The maid, 40-year-old Thelma Oyasan Gawidan, weighed about 64 pounds when she was admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital in April last year, about a 40 percent drop from January 2013, when she first began working for the couple and weighed 108 pounds, reports AsiaOne.

On the stand, Gawidan testified that the couple, Lim Choon Hong and his wife Chong Sui Foon, both 47, fed her two packets of instant noodles and three slices of bread daily for her first meal and then a slice of tomato or cucumber, plus six slices of bread for a second meal, according to the Straits Times.

Thelma Oyasan Gawidan

“I became very skinny, I couldn’t recognize myself when I saw myself in the mirror,” a crying Gawidan said through a Tagalog interpreter in court.

She was able to regain her weight at a shelter run by the Humanitarian Organisation for Migration Economics after fleeing from her employers.

In addition to being inadequately fed, Gawidan claimed she had to sleep in a storeroom at odd hours during the daytime.

Her weekly baths, which were taken at a public restroom in her employers’ condominium building, were monitored by Chong so that she would not bathe too long. She was also forbidden from brushing her teeth.

The couple’s lawyer, Tan Hee Liang, told District Judge Low Wee Ping that Lim was “very distressed by the whole affair” and “eager to have his side of the story (told).”

Lim and Chong are currently out on $3,000 bail each. If convicted, they face a fine of up to $10,000 and 12 months of imprisonment.

Written by NextShark 


Your Costco Shrimp Was Produced By Slaves Who Have Been Shackled And Whipped, Lawsuit Claims


Costco is facing a lawsuit that claims the major retailer club is selling imported shrimp produced by slaves in Thailand, reports SF Gate. The San Francisco consumer lawsuit demands that the retail company ceases all association with the imports and refunds consumers their shrimp money.

According to the suit, filed by California resident Monica Sud, Costco gets its shrimp supply from Thai company Charoen Pokhpand Foods.

The laborers said to provide the shrimp to CP Foods are said to work 20 hour days and seven-day weeks. Reports say that they are sometimes shackled, whipped and electrically shocked by traffickers who pocket the slaves’ wages.

While importing shrimp and other products produced by slavers isn’t illegal, the suit says that Costco is defrauding customers by telling them their food is produced within Costco’s values. Y’know, the ones that don’t support slavery. According to the suit, Costco publicly condemns human trafficking and slavery yet allegedly acts otherwise.

Thailand has been known to import seafood produced by human traffickers before and have caught heat for it multiple times. They’ve yet to really do anything to crack down on this.

According to SF Gate, Costco has yet to comment on the matter when they reached out.



Restaurant Owner Arrested After Allegedly Beating, Kidnapping and Enslaving His Cook


Pardeep Kumar, owner of the Tandoori Grill in Valencia, was arrested for allegedly keeping his cook as a slave for the last three years, reports the Los Angeles Times. The 47-year-old restauranteur is held on suspicion of human trafficking.

The unidentified 55-year-old victim arrived in America three years ago to work as a cook at Kumar’s restaurant. Upon his arrival, Kumar allegedly took his passport and brutalized him enough where he feared for his life.

The victim was then taken back to the restaurant and forced to work for up to 14 hours a day without pay for three years. He was kept inside Kumar’s house without any contact outside of Kumar and the restaurant.

One of the employees of The Tandoori Grill leaked this information to the victim’s brother back in India. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was also alerted via email and arrested Kumar. The victim was taken to the hospital to be treated. Afterwards, he plans on staying in America to prosecute Kumar before returning to India.

Kumar is currently being held on a $100,000 bail.

Photo: Yelp