Watch A Mountain Named Bubba Slap The Sh*t Out Of A Woman Beater At A Bar

Violence is never the answer. However, when someone is asking for it, sometimes they get what they deserve. This belligerent asshole slapped a woman, then immediately gets WALLOPED by a giant man named Bubba.

This dumbass is shirtless, clearly slurring his words, not to mention talking very disrespectfully to the young woman he claimed was “his sister.” That’s no way to treat your sister, either, by the way.

The man is obviously being kicked out of whatever establishment he was visiting, but was too belligerent to leave without a fight.

The video was uploaded to on July 20, the video now has more than 400,000 views in a few hours.

Hopefully, someone knows who this guy is and reports him to the authorities. This is unacceptable behavior.

The only person that can be thanked is Bubba. Thank you, Bubba for not killing this dumbass on camera.

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Watch Chloe Grace Moretz Slap A Dude With A Giant Piece Of Kimchi

Actress Chloe Grace Moretz recently appeared on South Korea’s version of Saturday Night Live. The former Hit-Girl from the Kick-Ass film series performed in a sketch playing the love interest of a young Korean man.

Now about a year ago, there was a video going around of a Korean woman slapping a man with a giant piece of kimchi.

In this sketch, Moretz is visiting her fiancee’s family and recreates emotions of that Korean drama by slapping her beau with, you guessed it, a fat piece of kimchi.

RocketNews 24 provides some context for those who don’t speak Korean. The man suggests to Moretz’s character that they move into a rental space together after they get married. According to traditional customs, a man must buy a house for his bride to live in before they’re married.

Check out the hilarious video for the entire to see for yourselves.


Airplane Forced to Turn Around When One Scumbag Passenger Tries to Nap During Dinnertime

Here’s a note to anyone who’s ever had their dinner (or any other point in their flight) disturbed by an inconsiderate, recliner-happy neighbor: slapping, and then getting into a fist fight with them is probably not an appropriate response.

Take it from the two men who forced a pilot’s hand this past Sunday on a Swiss Airlines flight from Zurich to Beijing. The airbus, carrying some-200 passengers, was apparently already en route when one reportedly drunk 57-year-old man had his dinner interrupted by his front seat mate and decided to resolve the issue himself. After having his meal jostled, and after reportedly voicing several unheeded verbal complaints, the older man allegedly hit the 27-year-old on the head with the “flat of his hand,” resulting in the two men “rolling around in the aisles and needing to be physically separated.”

Immediately following the not-so-minor altercation, the older man spent he rest of the flight with his hands secured with plastic strips and “screaming incessantly,” while the pilot decided to just turn the whole plane around and fly back to Zurich — which might seem a tad extreme but was apparently done in order “to avoid administrative problems.”

To make up for the inconvenience, the rest of passengers received a complementary stay in Zurich for the night, courtesy of the  airline, while the manly men were detained and forced to pay legal fees, with the added possibility of incurring more to cover the costs of the pilot’s extra return trip.

Overall though, it would seem as though at least three people on that flight could use a little lesson in conflict resolution, but again, this is all just hearsay. Maybe the elder man just flicked the younger one in the ear. Maybe the younger man was deaf and couldn’t hear the elder. Or maybe, just maybe, the younger man got what was coming to him, for trying to take a nap and getting in between a man and his meal.

What a jerk.