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C4 Announces Skittles-Flavored Energy Drink

Late last year, C4 Energy released a lineup of Starburst flavored energy drinks that was well-received and stood out from the typical in the niche energy drink space. Riding that sweet wave, C4 has now tapped in with Mars Wrigley to debut a Skittles-flavored option.

“With each sip designed to taste like a handful of Skittles candy, fans will be able to ignite their fire as they seek to unlock their full performance, all with zero-sugar, zero-artificial color drink for
uncompromised taste,” said Rajaa Grar, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Nutrabolt, parent company of C4 Energy.

The Skittles candy flavors will be sold in 16 oz cans and can be found at and key retailers and gyms across the country.

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This Skittles-Dispensing Bed is One of One, Here’s How To Buy it For Just $1.50

Skittles lovers, you ever find yourself dreaming about them because you love them that much? Or how about counting Skittles pieces, instead of sheep, to sleep? If you answered yes to any of the two questions, then this new Skittles-dispensing fold out bed is just for you.

An unlikely collab between Simmons mattress company and Skittles has brought about a one of one fold out bed that dispenses actual Skittles candy. One would think that such a bed would cost thousands, right? Well no worries here, because one lucky fan can win the chance to purchase this wonder bed for a measly $1.50, the average price for a pack of Skittles candy.

Here’s how: the Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed will go on sale at some point after 1pm EDT on Monday, December 13 at Since this bed is only one of one, it can be purchased on a first come, first serve basis.

Crazy odds on this one, but if you love Skittles that much, this one sliver of a chance at this Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed may be all that you need.

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Supreme x Skittles Drops This Week

A few months ago we highlighted the collaboration of Supreme and Skittles, with a fall release date of new branded clothing and candy packets.

Hypebeasts now have an exact date to mark on their calendars as the official drop of the Supreme x Skittles collab is this November 26 on the Supreme site. Fans have a host of Skittles branded gear to look forward to, like Skittles packets in Original and Wild Berry, a Letterman Jacket, Sequin Jacket, Fleece, and Castelli-branded cycling top.

Act fast on the morning of the 26th to beat out the bots and you can be one of the few to taste the rainbow and the drip.

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Supreme Links With Skittles for an Upcoming Fall Collection

Supreme just released their Fall/Winter 2021 lookbook, revealing an eye-catching collaboration with Skittles to produce a limited run of branded clothing and candy packets that are sure to entice fans of both the iconic candy and legendary skate/streetwear brand.

Skittles packets in Original and Wild Berry will be getting the Supreme branded co-sign with the usual candy branding being replaced by the latter’s. What’s more, the collection features a Letterman Jacket, Sequin Jacket, Fleece, and Castelli-branded cycling top.

Supreme’s FW21 collection will have its first drop on August 19, and in Japan on August 21, with subsequent regular weekly releases thereafter.

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Yoplait Unveils New Skittles Yogurt

Skittles hijacking Yoplait yogurt sounds like the tartest treat of all tart treats. And yet here we are, bestowed with a new Yoplait Skittles flavor, available now for all to pucker up to.

This new product is only available for a limited time, so act quick if you’re trying to indulge on the tangy goodness.

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Skittles Premieres New Sour Skittles-Infused Ice Cream Bars

As spring transitions to summer, so too do snack cravings. Gone are the big bags of sweets that are to be devoured under three blankets while watching movies. It’s time for ice cream. But, as we sit in the in-between period of the change — too hot for a sweater, but not hot enough for a t-shirt— a cravings crisis begins to form. Much like choosing an outfit, choosing the appropriate snack can be a downright challenge.

Enter, Crazy Sour Skittles Coolers, the hybrid ice cream-candy. 

The new treat is the latest in the candy’s ice cream bars, the first of which dropped last February. The premise remains the same: deliver the Skittles experience, but make it ice cream. Except now, the humble Sour Skittle is the star of the show. 

This is accomplished by dipping a fruit-flavored, Skittles-infused ice cream bar in a “sour fruit sorbet.” 

The results can be seen on the Instagram page @newfoodsuk, who reported the find at an Iceland Foods supermarket. 

The response to the account’s post were, unsurprisingly, mixed. But, it’s hard to imagine ice cream and candy not being good together (or at least good enough to try) so this seems like an easy move for candy fiends.

Unfortunately, this is a UK-only product, so any stateside Skittles fanatics will have to find something else to fulfill their cravings.

I’m sorry, Marshawn

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Skittles Has A New Flavor That Tastes Gross On Purpose

Halloween seems to come earlier every year with product roll outs, and this year Skittles is one of its earliest contributors. They recently launched their new Zombie Skittles, a new pack that comes with five normal fruit flavors: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Chilling Black Cherry, Boogeyman Blackberry, and Blood Red Berry — and one Rotten Zombie flavor that’s described by the brand as “repulsive.”

The kicker? The Rotten Zombie-flavored candies are indistinguishable from the regular ones. So think of it as a landmine of horrid hidden amongst the delicious flavors. 

“Dare to try?” the package asks, in what I imagine to be the voice from a 90’s Goosebumps advert.

I dared.

According to a Food and Wine report, a Skittles representative claimed the flavor changes according to one’s palate. It’s hard to nail down, but for me, the zombie flavor tastes like rotten egg drenched in garlic juice.

It’s truly awful, just as repulsive as the brand claims.

The anxiety I got reaching into the bag was reminiscent of the feeling I got when eating those Jelly Belly BeanBoozled candies where each normal flavor had a gross counterpart. A sense of dread that was either disappointingly confirmed or thankfully extinguished. Peach or Barf? Juicy Pear or Booger? Blood Red Berry or Rotten Zombie? 

Why does something that’s supposed to be fun and sweet bring out our inner masochist? Maybe it makes the good flavors that much better. Maybe companies just want people to react. After all, this pack of Skittles comes with its own hashtag, #DareTheRainbow, for everyone to use on their inevitable reaction videos. 

Either way, I’d like to wash the taste of a zombie away from my corrupted palate.

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Skittles Thought Going ALL WHITE Was The Best Way To Celebrate Diversity

June is LGBT Pride month, which means all month long we’re going to see every company in existence try to do something Pride-ish.

In an attempt to do their own Pride-related branding, SkittlesUK thought it’d be a good idea to go all white, because nothing says ‘accepting diversity’ like making everything one uniform color.

Their promotional video said, “You see, during Pride only one rainbow deserves to be the center of attention, so Skittles have given theirs up.”

Thank you for your sacrifice, Skittles, but you didn’t have to be so extra. Skittles was already tailor-made for Pride tributes, as their whole marketing revolves freakin’ rainbows!

There are some people calling racism, and while that’s a stretch, it’s kind of funny that Skittles didn’t think that would be an assumption that would attach itself to their campaign.




They released an additional video saying that they went monochrome because they didn’t want to steal Pride’s “rainbow thunder,” but in the process, still stole Pride’s rainbow thunder, as it’s generating so much heat.

The all-white Skittles obviously got some opposition, but in the end, it was an honest effort to do something different. On top of that, Skittles was donating money to LGBT charities for this, so you can’t get too mad.