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This Skittles-Dispensing Bed is One of One, Here’s How To Buy it For Just $1.50

Skittles lovers, you ever find yourself dreaming about them because you love them that much? Or how about counting Skittles pieces, instead of sheep, to sleep? If you answered yes to any of the two questions, then this new Skittles-dispensing fold out bed is just for you.

An unlikely collab between Simmons mattress company and Skittles has brought about a one of one fold out bed that dispenses actual Skittles candy. One would think that such a bed would cost thousands, right? Well no worries here, because one lucky fan can win the chance to purchase this wonder bed for a measly $1.50, the average price for a pack of Skittles candy.

Here’s how: the Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed will go on sale at some point after 1pm EDT on Monday, December 13 at Since this bed is only one of one, it can be purchased on a first come, first serve basis.

Crazy odds on this one, but if you love Skittles that much, this one sliver of a chance at this Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed may be all that you need.