‘Skinny’ Champagne is a Brilliant, Beautiful Marketing Play


It might be a little too early in the holiday season to be poppin’ bubbly, but for later note, you can totally do it in “diet” now.

Created by former BBC reporter-turned-wine connoisseur Amanda Thomson and French winemaker Alexandre Penet, “Skinny Champagne” is basically bone dry champagne — champagne with no added sugar. For reference, most common champagnes are “brut,” made with up to 12 grams of sugar per liter.

It’s worth nothing, however, that champagne isn’t much of a caloric heavy hitter to begin with, with an average glass weighing in at around 100 calories, versus Skinny’s triumphant 60. But British fashionistas seem to love the stuff anyway.

“The fashion crowd especially loves the idea of drinking fizz with less fat,” Thomson said on the brand’s website, “Momentum for skinny champagne is really growing and I am proud to be the one to launch it.”

It’s also worth noting that dry champagnes have already been growing in popularity over the years, even without Thomson’s help. Still there’s nothing like a bit of branding wizardry to really sell a product. After all, the name “Skinny” does sit easier on the tongue and mind than the boorish-sounding “Ultra-Brut,” or the even more cumbersome “Grand Vin Sans Sucre.”

The next round of Skinny shipments will be available by Mid-November, just in time to wash down all those extra helpings of cranberry and stuffing. Cheers!

H/T Grubstreet