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This Guy Hacked Hot Chicken & Pickle Chips And We’re Obsessed

The best part of any Nashville Hot Chicken dining experience is arguably the red-hot skin and the refreshing cool of the accompanying pickle slices. Can you imagine an appetizer that combined those two elements in one convenient bite, though?

Josh Elkin, Montreal’s Magistrate of Maple, dreamt up what no one before him dared to: Hot Chicken Skin Pickle Chips.

After removing the skin from a chicken breast, Elkin wraps it around a thick pickle slice and coats it in egg wash and flour before dunking them into white-hot cooking oil. Then, he combines a plethora of hot spices to create the Nashville Hot Chicken sauce.

The idea was first brought up on a Friend Chicken episode trip to Howlin’ Ray’s, a widely popular Los Angeles Nashville Hot Chicken Joint.

Check out the video for a step-by-step on how to bring these crispy beauties to life.

Think I need to hang out with this guy more. It’s rare to find someone who’s down for breakfast 24/7 and can lull you to sleep with his sweet rhetoric.


One Of Your Favorite Cocktails Can Actually Cause Serious Skin Burns

If you’re planning on spending your spring break sipping cocktails in a sunny locale, you might want to stop what you’re doing and pay attention.

Drunk texting your ex and waking up with a next-level hangover aren’t the only things you have to worry about when knocking back a few drinks on the beach.

It turns out, spilling your beloved margaritas on your sun-kissed skin can actually result in some pretty nasty skin burns.

I know, I felt pretty betrayed by my boozy BFF when I found out about this, too.

If you’re not familiar with this phenomenon, it’s known as phytophotodermatitis or “Margarita Dermatitis,” and it’s caused by lime juice getting on your skin. It’s also way more common than you may think.

We turned to Monique Olivares, a leading PA-C from Schweiger Dermatology in NYC, to get the scoop on this skin condition.

Olivares told Elite Daily,

Phytophotodermatitis is a skin rash that occurs when a sun-sensitizing chemical on the skin reacts with sunlight. This chemical reaction can cause redness, burning, blisters and residual dark pigmentation at the site of exposure.

If you think about the typical beach party scene, full of sloppy partiers sloshing their drinks around as they live it up under the sun, it becomes pretty apparent why phytophotodermatitis should be of particular concern for spring breakers.

Check out the pictures below for a closer look at this skin reaction (I’m going to warn you, it’s not very pretty).

Drinking margaritas on the beach sounds pretty great…


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…but did you know your beloved, boozy beverage can do more than just give you one hell of a hangover ?


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Yep, it turns out mixing citrus with sun produces a chemical reaction that can leave your skin with redness, burning, blisters and residual dark spots.  

This phenomenon is known as phytophotodermatitis…


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…and according to Monique Olivares, a PA-C from Schweiger Dermatology in NYC, it’s essentially a “skin rash that occurs when a sun-sensitizing chemical comes in contact with the skin and reacts with sunlight.”  


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Apparently, lime and celery are two of the biggest culprits that cause this common condition.  

Olivares told Elite Daily, “the initial rash can appear within 72 hours of sun exposure and can range in severity from skin dryness to blisters.”


It’s not hard to see why spring breakers should be especially wary of phytophotodermatitis.  

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All it takes is one spilled marg during a sloppy day-drinking session…



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…and you can end up with a seriously ugly burn that will definitely put a damper on the rest of your trip.  

However, there are some measures you can take to keep your skin safe.


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Olivares told Elite Daily prevention is key. She suggested you “wear a broad spectrum sunscreen and reapply every 80 minutes. If plants or citrus come in contact with the skin, wash it well with soap and water and if skin irritation does occur, a corticosteroid cream can be applied for relief.”  

Written by Kaylin Pound, EliteDaily


This Looks Like A Chicken Wing, But You Won’t Believe What This Chef Actually Fried


Korean chef Elliot Taesoon Kahng is known for making awesome recipes on his Instagram. One of his most recent dishes, especially, is pretty ingenious.

As part of an early April Fool’s prank, @taesoon84 took the skins from fried chicken wings and did something amazing with them. After carefully removing the meat and the bone from the wings, the Instagram personality stuffed three different wings with macaroni and cheese, falafel and mashed potatoes, respectively.

He calls them April Fools Fried Chicken.

The faux wings are then floured, beer battered and deep fried. You couldn’t tell they were any different from real chicken wings.

Imagine expecting to bite into a crispy wing and getting a mouthful of mashed potatoes, or the delight of finding macaroni and cheese.



Wiki Pearls Are Like Little Ice Cream Bon Bons That Won’t Melt In Your Hands


Maybe we’re spoiled. Maybe we forget that part of experiencing things means experiencing them in their entirety, not picking and choosing only the parts we want. Feel like heading to the county fair this summer? That’s cool, but be ready to wait in line next to hairy, sweaty folk in various states of undress. Craving ice cream? Fine, but only if you can scarf down the whole cone in less than ten minutes flat, lest you wind up with a fistful of soggy dairy soup.

Still, it seems science is dedicated to making life so much easier and so much better for us by creating these clever little ice cream bon bons that won’t melt in our hands. They’re called WikiPearls and they’re basically donut hole-sized ice cream balls wrapped in specialized edible membranes that prevent them from melting for up to eight hours. For anyone who’s been to an Asian restaurant or grocery store, that means these guys are pretty much like those green tea ice cream mochi balls, but with a much longer shelf life.

Currently being served at the WikiBar near the Louvre in Paris, the WikiPearls come in three different flavors: mango in coconut skin, chocolate in hazelnut skin and vanilla in peanut skin. Simple and sweet and hopefully enough to make you miss the mess, because that’s how ice cream should be.


H/T + PicThx Laughing Squid


KFC: Confirms "Skinwich" Is Not an Official Sandwich

Yesterday, news of a supposed test sandwich from particular Kentucky Fried Chicken locations spread like wildfire across the web. While the subtletly of the original posting revealed a few ridiculous clues, it definitely had a lot of people fooled (I admit to being excited about the possible next addition in this escalating fast food war). Our contact from KFC was kind enough to elaborate on this sandwich, noting that: “The online mentions of a KFC product called the “Skinwich” are just the result of someone having a little fun online.” You heard it here, the sandwich is not real. Can’t say we’re not dissappointed though, the sandwich does look pretty delicious!


Canada: Chooses Bacon Over Sex

We all know how much Canadians love their bacon, but maybe just a little too much? In a recent study conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, 43% of the respondents said they would rather eat bacon than have sex. Apparently the survey also found out that 82% (4 out of 5) of the people who said they love bacon also said they are good lovers. And about 25% (1 in 4) of the respondents have wondered if ‘my partner loves bacon more than me’. Now if only someone could create a bacon flavored lube..oh wait there is, check after the jump for the picture.


Pic of the Day: Orange Peel Man

This just makes me laugh. I want an orange. Oh good thing I have some oranges. I’m going to go make an orange peel woman.


Craving: Fried Pork Fat, Meat, and Skin

The title says it all. (PicThx cajunkate)