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5 Times Gordon Ramsay Taught Us To Cook On MasterChef

Love or hate this season of MasterChef, you gotta admit watching Chef Gordon Ramsay show off his cooking skills is something to behold.

The Michelin-starred chef and and one of the judges on FOX’s MasterChef occasionally holds his “MasterClass,” a mini cooking demonstration for the contestants of his show, of which all are home cooks.

Here are some of the highlights from the past seasons that give viewers a crash-course on some pretty essential cooking skills.

Not gonna lie, we’ve jumped into the kitchen quite a few times after watching these segments, itching to try our hand at Ramsay’s techniques. Check them out below.

How To Cut A Whole Chicken


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How To Use Every Part Of A Lobster

How To Fillet A King Salmon

How To Prepare Scallops

Yukon Gold Halibut Dish


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