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Theme Park Food Isn’t All Crap Anymore [The Katchup Podcast]

Theme park food has come a long way from corn dogs and funnel cakes.

Now, it seems like every theme park is coming up with legit but tasty food specific to their content, from poutine flatbreads at Disneyland’s Beauty and the Beast Red Rose Tavern to gigantic Pink Donuts in Universal Studio’s Springfield (a Simpsons-themed area of the park).

In the most recent episode of Foodbeast’s podcast “The Katchup,” Foodbeast Editor-In-Chief Elie Ayrouth brought in Foodbeast’s managing editor Reach Guinto, contributing writer Raphael Madrid, and video producer Michael Priestley to go deep into all of this awesome food you can get at amusement parks.

Following the successful launches of trending content featuring tons of theme park food, including a viral video about the themed eats at Universal Studios, the Foodbeast squad sat down to talk about the experience and what the best food different theme parks had to offer.

Here at Foodbeast, we regularly cover a lot of different treats, and typically get to go and try it ourselves. We’ve definitely had a lot of experiences with the good and bad when it comes to theme park food, and bring all of those to light in this discussion on this week’s episode of our Katchup podcast.

The group also talked about which theme parks have been producing legit and amazing food, as well as which ones are slipping and need to step up their food game.

If you want to know where to go to get the tastiest theme park food to enhance your entertainment experience, make sure to listen.