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This Is How Potato Chips Can Help Clear Your Throat


OK, you can judge me for being a dork, but I was in school choirs for most of my life, singing my heart out like a Gleek.

Throughout my singing career, I looked for different ways to keep my throat healthy and clear before performances, and probably one of the most peculiar methods, was eating a bag of Ruffles, or classic Lay’s potato chips.

About 10 years ago, my older sister told me that she saw an interview with actor Antonio Banderas (I know, throwback) and he said when he was on Broadway, singing for the Tony-award winning musical “Nine,” he’d eat whole bags of Ruffles to clear his throat.

I initially thought it was a load of crap, but I started doing it myself, and swore it worked.

I did a quick Google search this afternoon, to see if this was actually a “thing,” and not some placebo method that I foolishly fell for thanks to Banderas’ hypnotizing good looks. Lo and behold, there’s a book called, “The Art of Voice Acting” where author James Alburger mentions this potato chip method, as the grease on the chips actually help clear out phlegm.

Sure this is great for people whose professions involve a lot of voice work, but if you’re feeling a little under the weather and want to get rid of that phlegm, now you know some potato chips might just do the job.

Celebrity Grub Humor

Guy Singing Matisyahu Song In Coffee Shop Is Surprised By Matisyahu [WATCH]

We’ve all seen those celebrity prank shows where they’ll do something like enter their own look-a-like contest, or Jewel puts on a fat suit and goes to a karaoke bar to sing her own songs. We love these videos because it humanizes our idols and it makes us feel like they really are one of us.

Well, one lucky guy got the coffee break story of a lifetime when he began singing an impromptu Matisyahu song at a local coffee shop in Maui, Hawaii.

Matisyahu was in town for the Mayjah Rayjah music festival held in Maui, and decided to unwind and relax at the little spot. It came as a pleasant surprise to Kekoa Alama, the man in the background with the ukulele, when a random dude got up at the front of the coffee shop and started signing along with

Some time into the song, Matisyahu joined in on the revelry, drawing a smile of approval from Alama. It wasn’t until after the song had finished that Alama discovered who this sugar-voiced stranger was.

“Yo, you got a beautiful voice man,” said Alama to the tall, smiling songster.

“You know who wrote that song?” asks Matisyahu.

“Matisyahu?” says Alama, at which point Matisyahu poked his own chest with his finger.

“Na…for real?”

“I’m Matisyahu.”

“Oh Jesus, what’s up man?! You look a little different!”

Honestly, I had no idea what Matisyahu looked like before watching this video, so don’t feel so bad if you were also confused until the end, especially since it almost seems like Alama knows more of the words than Matisyahu did.

Check out the heartwarming video below.


Dad Uses His Amazing Voice To Get His Baby Son To Eat His Veggies

On more than one occasion, I’ve had to beg my father to stop singing. Nobody wants to hear a 59-year-old Egyptian-American man with a very noticeable accent sing “Hotel California” while making up his own lyrics here and there (“Zis is a lovely face, in zis ze lovely blace”).

One father and musician, known as Charles Only on YouTube, uses his golden pipes to lull his small human child into a false sense of deliciousness. As the notes began pouring out of his mouth like molten gold and rainbows, his tiny spawn immediately starts beaming with what can only be assumed is excitement and pride. Frolicking in a metaphorical pool of his own joy, Baby Green-On-Beans blindly opens his mouth and allows his papa to shovel the horrible spoonfuls of the vegetable in there.

Unfortunately, this kid will likely grow up to become that one kid that sings everything he’s doing. Still, it’s better than being 27 years old and having to ask your father to stop singing his version of Bieber’s “Love Yourself”, which features a few lyrics that I’m pretty certain he changed in order to dissuade any listeners (namely me) from the evils of masturbating (“Cuz if you like, ze way, you look zis much, you still should never ever touch yourself”).

This video is actually only one of 15+ videos featuring Charles Only singing to his baby, and every single one of them is just as adorable as this one. Click here to follow the adventures of Charles Only and his happy, healthy, vegetable-loving son.



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Spread Christmas Cheer With These 6 Caroling Treats

Christmas carols are your one chance to break from holiday songs blaring from a stereo—and instead hear them from real people. But they’re a whole experience, for both singers and listeners. Neighborhoods look better with Christmas lights and they sound better with carolers. But can’t they taste better too? Here are a few foods to up your carol game.

1. Candy Canes


They’re cheap, they’re classic, they’re always welcomed. They’re just a little extra to your sing-song soirée. You can entrust any child caroler to carry the basket and hand them over to homeowners with the sweetest of smiles. If you were purchasing an online Christmas carol package experience, this would be the first level of the non-free kind.

2. Cookies


If you want these to have any kind of impact, these will have to be homemade. Cookies made in the kitchen of a local are always the way to go. Store-bought holiday cookies can be spotted a mile away, and that’s where everyone wants to keep them. They’re terrible. They taste like the secret ingredient is lukewarm awkwardness instead of love. Stop giving these to people unless you’re trying to start a hometown civil war.

3. Hot Cocoa


This is the way to do things. It’s a class-act move to pour some hot cocoa for your listeners. Some of the carolers just have to carry a thermos. If you have kids, let them offer your audience members those tiny marshmallows. The only thing that will melt faster than them are those listeners’ hearts. It puts everyone in a listening mood—nay, it forces everyone into a listening mood!

4.  Fruitcake


This is the only way you’re going to get rid of fruitcake. All of you carolers should repackage this concrete swan-dive of a holiday snack, since you each have one just kicking it indefinitely on your countertop at home. Oh, were you saving that infuriatingly irresponsible gift from a neighbor for a rainy day when you’d use it to absorb a leak? Because, otherwise, it’s time to get rid of that thing.

5. Canned Goods


Transform your seasonal carnival of song into an important act of local charity by asking your beloved all-ears listeners to donate a few canned goods. It’s taking the holiday spirit and turning it into holiday action. Sure, Christmas is about cherishing loved ones and the tiny beautiful moments that make up your golden days, but use the guilt of good nature to trick your neighbors into listening to you serenade them.

6. Soup


While you could warm the stomachs, hearts, and ears of your neighbors with soup and song, it could get a bit messy. You want them to enjoy a snack, not take down a full meal, in their doorway. However, soup is the best way to get your caroling crew back on the right track to recovery once the night has wrapped. It’s not easy trudging through the east coast snow, and it’s a bit of a setback heading through the politely crisp west coast air.

Happy caroling, whether it’s your mouths or ears at work!


Sing Along Tongs

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