Magnum Global Releases Silver-Coated Champagne Ice Cream Bars, US Counters with ‘Infinity’ Offering

silver champagne magnum bar europe

Magnum Ice Cream recently celebrated its 25th anniversary globally (and 4th in the US) recently, and to celebrate they’ve released a limited edition, silver-coated Marc de Champagne ice cream bar. For those of you internally asking the question, ‘what the heck is Marc de Champagne?,’ it’s a little misleading. Rather than being a sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France, Marc De Champagne is actually made from the pomace of the grapes resulting in an alcohol that’s similar to a French or Italian Grappa, which can be more brandy-like, less bubbly.

Regardless, it’s booze. Even if it’s only .5%. So find one at the endless amount of Euro magazine stands that seem to proliferate with every waning cobblestone step. For the others internally asking the question, ‘Does digesting silver hurt the body?’ There aren’t any metallic elements in this ice cream nor in the Magnum Gold Bar that debuted at a similar time last year.

So for the rest of us that don’t get to regularly make it over to Europe, Magnum threw us a bone and recently debuted the Chocolate Infinity Bars and Chocolate Infinity & Raspberry Bars here in the US (pictured below). Just in case you haven’t already replaced your significant other with these 11 Over-The Top Chocolate Desserts, the Chocolate Infinity Bars include a dark chocolate ice cream, cocoa bean nibs and a dark chocolate ‘cracking’ outer shell.

MAGNUM Ice Cream Chocolate Infinity BarsIn further gaiety of its 25th global birthday, Magnum hosted a series of nightlife events in conjunction with the Cannes Film Festival that were outfitted with their own pop-up ice cream bar station. Party goers had the chance to customize their own Magnum bar with an assortment of chocolate dips and artisan toppings (e.g. White Chocolate Vermicelli, Rose Petals, Gold Flakes and Real Silver Dust). These pop ups are similar to the temporary retail fronts the brand opened all over the world in previous years including Bryant Park in New York, Milan, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, Manila and London. Me hopes they can bring this to the US once again. Please?


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