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This Fried Soft Serve Pie Puts Any Ice Cream Cake To Shame

For some reason, lots of folks are turned off by the word ‘vegan’ being incorporated into any dish. Many meat lovers seem to think such a word encroaches upon their beloved bovine, porcine, or poultry ideals. And for much of everyone else in addition, vegan is a taboo word that represents a bland, tasteless foray into healthy eating, one where there is a significant dearth of flavor.

Well, for all aforementioned, it’s time to throw such apprehensions and expectations of vegan food aside for one moment, because Magpies Softserve in Silver Lake and Tarzana, CA is slanging tantalizing Fried Soft Serve Pies that just so happen to be vegan.

Picture the sweet situation: A tower of taste built from the ground up with vegan fudge, corn flakes, corn almond soft serve, homemade honeycomb brittle, all crowned royally with a heaping of non-dairy whipped cream and candied corn flakes. The salivation is real with this one, people.

Yes, with Magpies’ Fried Soft Serve Pie, the vegan stigma of vapid fare can be thrown out the window. Your typical favorite ice cream cake won’t even compare.

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This Bakeshop Has The Cutest Inspiration For Their Filipino-Inspired Sweets

When Kristine de la Cruz and Annie Choi decided to join forces and combine their respective expertise in confections and coffee, the result became one of Los Angeles’ best bake and coffee shops. The secret to the sweet success at their endeavor, FrankieLucy Bakeshop, may lie in de la Cruz’s mastery of Filipino-inspired treats from her already established Crème Caramel LA and Choi’s knack and know-how with coffee at her own Found Coffee.

Or perhaps the secret could be the inspiration behind their new shop’s name. For those curious, FrankieLucy was inspired by de la Cruz’s and Choi’s two cute pups whose names are — you guessed it — Frankie and Lucy.

Adorable dogs, yummy and unique treats, and top notch coffee? Yeah, the formula for success is all there.

Clearly FrankieLucy Bakeshop has something for everybody at their Silver Lake neighborhood location in Los Angeles. From delicious custards, quiches, brownies, cookies, and cakes flavored with deft Filipino influence to a unique craft coffee program featuring Demitasse and boutique beans, it’s no wonder that FrankieLucy has come out the gate with great achievement in their first few months after opening.