Bartender Fights Off Drunk Dude But Gets Finger Bitten Clean Off [VIDEO]

You can always spot the guy at the bar who’s had way too much to drink for the night. He’s either aggressively hitting on every girl, yelling out random obscenities, trying to start fights, or all of the above.

This guy in San Francisco did the latter, as there’s new footage of him outside of a bar, running his mouth to one of the bartenders, before things got physical and said drunk dude bit off the barkeep’s finger.

According to SF Gate, the man was kicked out of the Silver Cloud Restaurant & Karaoke Bar July 17, but still tried to get in through a window. After failed attempts to re-enter the bar, the dude lost his shit, started kicking the door, and the bartender had had enough. The bartender then went out, tried to send the guy on his way, leading to a scuffle between the two.

In surveillance video provided by CBS SF Bay Area, you can see the guy ripping open the bartender’s button up shit and wrestling with him before leaving the frame. At some point after, he bit the barkeep’s finger off.

The attempt to re-attach his finger at the hospital was unsuccessful and the drunk guy is still at-large. Yup. No happy ending here. Just a fingerless bartender who’s job just got a whole lot harder, and a drunk asshole that nobody can find.