Japan’s Oldest Silk Factory Sells Chocolate That Looks Uncomfortably Like Worms


You’re old now. You’ve grown up. You spend your time not digging up worms in the backyard, but going off and “discovering yourself” while using your trusty smartphone to document all your incredible, Insta-worthy adventures. Well, here’s another treat to add to your ever-growing foodie bucket list: a box of Japanese chocolates that look remarkably — unsettlingly — like silkworms.

Made at the Tomioka Silk Mill — which, as the oldest silk factory in Japan, is expected to be named a UNESCO World Heritage Site this summer, according to Rocket News — the silkworm chocolates are officially called “Kaiko no Okoku”, or The Silkworm Kingdom. Each box contains three to six individually wrapped white chocolate worms, each set atop delicate, mulberry-flavored chocolate  leaves, and flecked with small pieces of berry and rice cracker.

Thankfully, the 142 year old factory hasn’t been used to make silk for the past 30 years, so you’re unlikely to find bits of actual worm hidden among the sweets. But if you’re into that, at least there’s always Amazon.

Picthx Rocket News


The Silk Bacon Scarf, For The Man Who Has Everything

It’s called the “Fou Lard” and it’s a scarf. A 100% silk scarf. That’s digitally printed–wait for it–to look like bacon.

This is the brain child of Swiss artist, Natalie Luder, and is apparently meant to symbolize man’s dominance over animals. Or something.

The German expression “man ist, was man isst” (you are what you’re eating) characterises an identity-generating component of food that can be very well assigned to jewellery too. In terms of a trophy the wearer overtakes the qualities of the slaid [sic] animal and blazons himself with the heroic hunting story.

Anyway, the whole thing’s available for purchase if you want to remind people that you eat bacon and/or hunt pigs. Which is great, because the gift-giving season is well upon us.

Also worth knowing: the name of the scarf, Fou Lard, is a play on words. It comes from the French word for silk (foulard), which is made up from the words fou (crazy) and lard (fat). The foulard fou lard, or the silk crazy fat. Because…you know. Bacon.

We see what you did there, Natalie.

via Laughing Squid