Here are the Signature Cocktails of All 50 States — Supposedly


Tapping into the geographic pride side of things, Buzzfeed put out a list of 51 signature cocktails, one for each U.S. state, plus the District of Columbia. According to Buzzfeed writer Hannah C. Gregg, each cocktail was chosen “with some semblance of logic: a combination of state origin, popularity, and exclusivity.” Kentucky, for example, was given the mint julep, because Henry Clay brought the drink to congress back in the 18th century. Wisconsin’s is a Tom and Jerry because it’s the “most popular” one there.

I personally haven’t seen California’s state drink, the Mai Tai, ordered since sorority rush week freshman year of college, and based on the comments section, it seems more than a few choices could have been swapped out for more fitting cocktails (a Hurricane for Louisiana; an Old Fashioned for Wisconsin). But hey, alcohol! State pride! What’s not to love?

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Check out the whole boozy list on Buzzfeed, and let us know if you feel your state got a fitting tribute or totally, totally jipped.