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The Marriott Puts Up Questionable Sign in Remembrance of 9/11, Reddit Reacts


Apparently, this is the Marriott’s idea of an appropriate way to remember 9/11. The above photo was taken by Redditor Nathan_Flomm and features a sign bearing the hotel’s logo, a plate of mini muffins and stacked coffee cups. According to the sign, free “coffee and mini muffins” are provided in “remembrance of those we lost on 9/11.” However, the offer is only good from 8:45 to 9:15 am.


While the obvious faux-pas of the sign is apparent, few know that the Marriott World Trade Center, which was located between the Twin Towers, was also destroyed on September 11, 2001.

Strangely enough, the World Trade Center Marriott was also destroyed on 9/11 since it was nestled between the Twin Towers…

– zepsuta

Of course, this seems to have inspired a string of comments on Reddit. At the moment, the photo has been viewed over half a million times within the past seven hours.

Have a muffin. It’s what they would have wanted..

– Km2930

At 9:15, mini muffins will return to their normal price, $4.00. Sorry if you didn’t make it down to the lobby in time.

– kitthekat

Remember those we lost…. and enjoy these tiny morsels of fucking deliciousness. Hurry up you only get 30 minutes.

– kat_loves_tea

If you have not finished your muffin by 9:15, we will charge you a prorated fee for what is left of it.

– GreyRobot

Please… munch in a moment of silence.

– marcosss123

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