New Pepsi Spire Will Customize More than 1,000 Different Soda Flavors

Pepsi Spire 02

We’ve all seen that wondrous Coca Cola Freestyle machine that’s been popping up in theaters. The soda fountain gives you the option of customizing your own soda through a multitude of different combinations. Now, it looks like Pepsi is ready to get into the game with their own version of the Freestyle: The Pepsi Spire.

Currently, three types of Pepsi Spires exist. The Spire 1.1 has a 10-inch touchscreen and up to 40 beverage combinations. The 2.0 can customize 500 beverages with a 15-inch touchscreen. Finally, the Spire 5.0 boasts more than 1000 beverage combinations and  32-inch touchscreen.

While there are a few machines already set up at select locations, more will be available throughout 2014.

It should also be noted that since PepsiCo owns Mountain Dew, the green-colored drink will be among the available soda flavors. Customers  can try their hand at recreating some of Mountain Dew’s classic novelty flavors like Livewire and Pitchblack. However, the real question is, can it Baja Blast?

H/T Brand Eating

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