Carrows $6.99 Two-Course Meals

The ubiquitious question still stands, “Are you hungry?!” The good folks at Carrows responded whole-heartedly, by presenting everyone with its new $6.99 Two-Course Meals. You get the option of choosing from an awesome array of main entrées and either an appetizer or dessert.

For the appetizers, your selection includes: side caesar salad, fresh dinner salad, soup of the day, green chile & jack quesadilla, cheese fries, onion rings, mini hot fudge sundae, Just Right Slice Pumpkin Pie (1/2 slice), Just Right Slice Apple Pie (1/2 slice) and for your entrées: BBQ Ranch Chicken Sliders (with golden French fries), Italian Sausage Pasta with Marinara Sauce, Three-Cheese Chicken Macaroni.

If all this has yet to make you feel “baller”, then for two dollars extra you can upgrade and get either Salisbury Steak Stack (with a mound of real mashed potatoes) or Shrimp & Clams Fry (with golden French fries). Step your game up at a Carrows near you, today!