Chipotle Is Giving Employees Paid Sick Leave, Who Wants To Guess Why


Chipotle is taking every precaution to keep customers from getting sick. After a pretty lousy end of the year, leaving tons of people sick, the fast-casual chain has now added a new perk for employees. If you’re sick you can stay home and still get paid, Consumerist reports.

The Mexican Grill announced earlier that they would hold a nationwide meeting on Feb. 8 that will close down every restaurant for a few hours. There, many topics of food safety would be addressed. It seems paid sick leave with be one of those topics.

Now, employees won’t have to worry about losing money if they ever catch something. Rather, they can take some time to recover and still be compensated.

Obviously the chain will implement some kind of systems so folks don’t take advantage of it, but it seems like a step in the right direction.


Man Discovers Exactly Why You Should Never Try To Make Sushi At Home


One Canadian man learned the hard way that making sushi is best left to the master chefs at restaurants after his severe abdominal pains revealed a horrifying scene taking place in his stomach.

A recently published medical case titled “An unusual case of abdominal pain” tells of an unidentified 50-year-old man from Alberta who was admitted to the hospital in August 2014 with severe abdominal pain and vomiting.

The man had attempted to make sushi for himself by buying raw salmon from his nearby grocery store only hours before.

An x-ray at the hospital revealed an anomaly in his stomach, so doctors guided a camera down his esophagus to look inside his stomach.


Doctors discovered that the man’s pain was due to rare parasitic anisakis worms trying to borrow through his stomach lining — had they succeeded, the man would have suffered from long-term complications. The worms had to be surgically removed.

While some stores legitimately sell “sashimi grade” salmon, most selections at typical grocery stores are not fresh enough to eat raw.

It is recommended that you have sushi prepared by a professional chef at a restaurant or, if possible, to “freeze the fish for seven days at −20 C (-4 F) or at a lower temperature for a shorter period of time (less than −20 C for four days).”

If you aren’t sure how fresh that fish at the store is, it’s probably best you leave it to the professionals — after all, unlike a sushi chef, you probably didn’t spend 10 years to master the art of sushi.

h/t: Huffington Post

Written by Editorial Staff, NextShark


This Chipotle Location Made 100 People Sick In A Single Day


Customers at a Californian Chipotle are paying a high price and it’s not for extra guac. About 100 patrons of the Simi Valley location reportedly got sick on Aug. 19 with symptoms including diarrhea, high fevers and chills. Many of those customers have been sent to the hospital.

CBS reports that one man had a fever of 101 degrees while tons of other patients came in with similar cases.

The store shut down for the day due to “lack of staffing,” which includes 17 of its own employees feeling ill. According to management, the store cleaned out the entire kitchen and replaced all the food with fresh ingredients.

An investigation from health officials says that it could be a combination of tiny factors leading to the illnesses. Apparently, the store had less-than stellar conditions that barely passed inspection, insects flying around, sanitary violations, equipment connected directly to the sewers, a shoddy bathroom and unlicensed workers handling food.

Why did it all happen on that one day though?