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New Ruffles ‘Crispy Fries’ is A Potato Chip x French Fry Hybrid


According to Ruffles, the decision between chips or fries has always been a “timeless struggle, the eternal choice.” Hoping to provide a solution to humanity’s woes, the brand announced plans to debut their new “Crispy Fries” nationwide on June 23.

The new item is a cross between French fries and potato chips, resulting in an especially crunchy outer layer. While the concept of eating what seems to just be re-fried fries sounds a bit curious at first, the concept has actually been around for ages. If you’ve ever perused through the aisles of a gas station, you’ve probably encountered Andy Capp’s fries:


Or, if you’ve ever been through an Asian supermarket, you’ve most likely spotted this shrimp-flavored, chip-fry hybrid:


Granted, these other brands have never claimed to make the “first-ever French fry-shaped snacks sliced from real potatoes,” and it seems like Ruffles beat them to the punch.

H/T + PicThx Huffpo, Soap, Meijer