Strawberry Chocolate Shrimp Chips in a Bag


The Japanese chip scene includes a lot of shrimp-flavored eats, like those Shrimp Mayonnaise Doritos. More recently though, the snack masters over at Calbee have upped their chip game and introduced strawberry chocolate shrimp chips.

Calbee teamed up with chocolate company Royce to create this sweet + savory snack. Instead of settling for just strawberry chocolate for their new product, they intensified the chips’ flavors by adding strawberry powder to the chocolate mixture, which we can only assume makes the crisps fruitier and less shrimpy.

Unfortunately, these sweet shrimp chips are only available at Japanese Calbee Plus stores. But maybe — just maybe — Lay’s will step up and follow suit.

H/T RocketNews24 + Picthx Calbee

Fast Food

There’s Fast Food, and Then There’s KFC’s New Fried Chicken Flavored Potato Chips

In case you were looking for a new side to go along with that extra crispy bucket, KFC Japan’s new Ginger Salt Chicken Potato Chips help cut out the guesswork behind flavor harmonies. Why combine sweet coleslaw with savory chicken legs when you know for sure the best thing to go with chicken is even more chicken?

Available at Japanese convenience stores nationwide, this finger-lickin’ good combo is the result of the first-ever collaboration between KFC and chip company Calbee, best known for its popular shrimp-flavored snacks.

Best part is, if you’re really just fiending for foul, each bag comes with a coupon redeemable at KFC locations for some actual Ginger Salt Chicken. You know, to go with your chicken. Which go with your chips.

[Via Tokyo Walker]