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The ‘Marshawn Lynch’ Shot Might Be The Most Disgusting Mixture Ever


Marshawn Lynch was known for hitting people in the mouth on the football field, and making them feel his wrath The same could be said for the shot named after him.

The Hey 19 pub in Torrance, California is home to the “Marshawn Lynch Shot,” and our Worst Shots Team is still wondering why the former running back would ever drink it.

Bartender Dennis Martin said the shot came about when a group of his customers went out drinking in Seattle, where Lynch used to play. The party-goers said they spotted Lynch at a bar and tried buying him shots. The story goes that no matter what they tried to buy him, the only thing he wanted to drink was a mixture of Hennessy and Patron.

The two drinks are barely tolerable apart, but mixed together, really make for a bad time.

Our own Sean Fahmy and Rudy Chaney tried the shot and it forced Sean to make this face:


“This looks like very, very, healthy piss,” Sean said. While Rudy asked, “Why anyone would ever want to drink this, I don’t understand.”

The craziest thing, is that not a lot of work goes into it. It’s two terrible drinks,  straight out of a Tupac song, mixed together. Simple, yet deadly.

Why Marshawn would like this shot is a mystery, but we have to believe it probably contributed to his retirement last year.

Fast Food

A Man Named Ronald McDonald Was Shot At A Fast Food Spot, But Not The One You Think


Ronald McDonald was shot earlier this week outside of a Sonic. FOX 5 reports that a man bearing the same name as the McDonald’s pale jester mascot was shot outside of the popular fast food drive-in.

The 36-year-old man had allegedly got into an argument with another guy while outside the Sonic in Lumberton, NC. It escalated and the two exchanged gunfire. McDonald received non-life threatening injuries.

McDonald was said to be married to one of the managers at that Sonic location. Currently the incident is still under investigation and there have not yet been any arrests.


Worst Shots Ever: The Liquid Steak Shot That Made Me Hate Steak

I recently attended my cousin’s 21st birthday, and this little asshole casserole was being fed froofy ass shots like a Buttery Nipple and a Redheaded Slut, and he was loving it. I stepped in to rock that little slut’s face off with some manly man shots, and that’s when I realized that the only two shitty shots I knew were the Gorilla Fart and the Four Horsemen. Right in that moment is when I decided to travel from bar to bar, trying to learn what exactly were…

The Worst Shots Ever

After downing that AWFUL shot at DOGZ, Haley and I headed over to Shannon’s Bayshore for our next shot. In less than a week, Shannon’s will be celebrating its 21st birthday. Curious to see how they’re gonna live it up. There, our bartender Gina presented us with what she calls Liquid Steak. If you’re a fan of steak, you’re gonna want to get as far away as possible from this shot. It’ll probably ruin it for you.

Check out this week’s episode of Worst Shots.


10 Mind-Blowing Food Trends Already Dominating 2014

Quite a few new food trends have made the news over the last year. Between deep-frying your spam into fries and shot glasses made from chocolate chip cookies, this is truly a time to enjoy food. Our friends over at PopSugar compiled a list of 10 of the top mouthwatering food items you absolutely need to try. We couldn’t agree more with the list.

10. The Monkey Style Burger


Animal Style Fries stuffed into your In-N-Out burger. A Monkey Style Burger is loaded with gooey gooey deliciousness and totally real. Savvy food lovers may remember this from 2013, but it’s quickly gaining popularity as more die-hard In-N-Out fans get word.

9. The Everything Bacon Burger


A burger that utilizes an excess of bacon in every single aspect from the pure bacon patties to the onions.

8. Spam Fries


Fried sticks of glorious Spam are the perfect snack for those watching their carb intake. Pretty sure it’s protein, right?

7. Ramen-Crusted Wings


If I could only choose a handful of foods to eat for the rest of my life, ramen and chicken wings would be at the top of that list. Thankfully these ramen-crusted wings could narrow that down.

6. Cheese-Stuffed Doritos


Cheese-stuffed into Doritos. Nuff said.

5. Waffle Tacos


Nothing says breakfast this year more than the waffle taco. Filled with breakfast goodies, you can literally eat a well-balance breakfast while driving. Not that I’d condone eating and driving…

4. Movie Theater Popcorn Cake


An ingenious conception that combines all movie theater snacks into one glorious bite. Definitely saves time fumbling through the different candy containers.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Milk Shot


Why waste both hands enjoying your cookies and milk when you can do it all in one? Cookie shots for the house!

2. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cinnamon Roll


The best of two desserts, Dude Foods combined a cookie with a cinnamon rolls. Sweetness overload.

1. The Milky Bun



Possibly the biggest thing to happen to ice cream since Magic Shell, the milkybun combines donuts and ice cream in one melty fried pocket of pure dairy-gasm.

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Chocolate Cake Shot: A Sweet Sensation

Frangelico Hazelnut Liquor + Vanilla Vodka + Lemon Slice = Chocolate Cake

My mind was blown, what’s the mad science behind this?

If you haven’t had a chocolate cake shot, you’ll have your doubts too. But once you try it, it’ll definitely make your list of tastiest shots. I understand how the hazelnut liquor and vanilla vodka would make this shot taste more like a dessert, but the lemon, what’s that all about? You’ll be surprised it brings out more deep chocolate notes from the hazelnut liquor, and is actually the key for making it taste like a bite of chocolate cake.

Try the making that shot at home, you’re in for a flavor trip.

Here’s the recipe adapted from Frangelico:

15 ml Frangelico

15 ml Vanilla Vodka

Lemon Slice


How to Serve:

1. Pour Frangelico and vodka in a shot glass

2. Coat lemon slice with sugar

3. Lick Sugar

4. Do the shot

5. Suck on lemon slice