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Prepare To Be Indulged By This Luxurious Short Rib Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Grilled cheese sandwiches are one of the most satisfying comfort foods out there. (Just ask Jeff.) The simple blend of warm, toasty bread, gooey cheese, and flavorful butter come together in just the perfect indulgence in this sandwich.

Of course, like anything else, you can take grilled cheeses to the next level. Or even levels above that. Elm Street Diner’s grilled cheese bypasses all such levels and shoots straight up to ultimate indulgence.

That’s because on top of layers of mozzarella and cheddar that our Foodbeast friends over at @devourpower captured in the perfect cheese pull Instagram video above, Elm Street takes the coziness of a grilled cheese and combines it with succulent and luxurious beef short ribs.

Throw in some caramelized onions, and the result is a perfect blend of flavor and contentment that’ll melt away any stress you’ve been feeling. So go ahead, pull on up and enjoy this sandwich. It’s the most satisfying one-way ticket to a nap you can chow down on.

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LOOK: Spam, Shortrib Wet Burrito From Kogi BBQ Truck


Kogi BBQ has long been known for peddling delicious and drool-worthy Korean-Mexican fusion out of their multiple Southern California-based food trucks, and their latest featured item, a Kogi Wet Burrito, is no different.

What we’re looking at is the truck’s shortrib burriro with slices of spam inside, smothered with Kogi Molé, cheese and onions. You can find this beast by catching the truck at one of its stops — a full schedule is available on the Kogi website.



Craving: Kogi BBQ Craig Dog

Named after one of their longtime fans, the Craig dog is Kogi BBQ‘s latest featured item and looks amazing to say the least. We’re observing a Hebrew National all beef hot dog, hosting a bed of grilled shortribs and jalapenos, lined with sour cream, salsa azul, salsa roja, onion cilantro relish and toasted crushed sesame seeds on top. This is definitely one hot dog I won’t be needing ketchup for. HOT. DAMN.