Short Rib Lollipops are a Delicious Reality Thanks To This Instagram Recipe

The way my jaw dropped when Chef Michael Ponzio, executive chef at the Union League Club of Chicago, clenched the short rib meat causing it to obliterate into juicy smithereens, it felt like my chin thudded on the floor.

Chef Ponzio’s Instagram recipe for a short rib lollipop is a new, reimagined presentation of bone in short ribs that yield unending levels of tender from a sous vide cook.

Check out the recipe video above from Chef Ponzio and try not to clutch your pearls at the sight of the supple short rib practically melting in his hands.

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Here’s The Best Short Rib Poutine In Laguna Beach

Poutine, the classic mixture of fries, cheese curds and gravy, has become a quintessential dish of Montreal, Canada. In Canada, the popular, savory dish is frequented by the weekend’s late night/early morning crowds, hungry for some greasy sustenance to subdue their alcohol-fueled hunger pangs before slipping into bed, just in time to beat sunrise.

However, while it’s important to know and understand the history of poutine, you might be able to get your hands on some — without having to renew your passport, or purchase a plane ticket to Canada.

Enter Three Seventy Common Kitchen + Drinks. Located in Laguna Beach, Calif., roughly 2,900 miles west of Montreal, you can find a picturesque homage to the Quebecian dish.  

Executive Chef Ryan Adams specializes in more than just poutine – still it would be wise to add 370 Common’s Foodbeast Approved Short Rib Poutine to the list of mouthwatering creations that will grace your palate during your visit.   

Chef Adams, who was voted Orange County’s Chef of the Year in 2014, has spent a great deal of time perfecting his poutine. It should only take one glimpse of a gooey cheese pull, or one taste of Adams’ gluttonously delicious house made short rib gravy, and fries. It’s no wonder this internationally-inspired dish has become a local celebrity.

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Can I Haz This Short Rib Pizza with Smoked Gouda Cream Sauce?


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Kogi BBQ Truck Reveals a Hot Dog Korean Burrito

Next on the menu for king-of-the-pack gourmet food truck Kogi BBQ is their limited-time feature item they’re calling the K-Oki Dog. This tortilla-wrapped beast is filled with hot dog, short rib, caramelized kimchi, pastrami, cheese, salsa roja and onions. The burrito will run you $7 as long as it stays on the truck.


Food Trucks

Kogi BBQ Truck Reveals a Short Rib Kimchi Tostada

The roaming continues for the Kogi BBQ Truck, and this week they reveal their latest featured menu item — Short Rib & Kimchi Tostada. The tostada is topped with short ribs, kimchi, sour cream, salsa verde, a squeeze of lime and fresh salad on top. An order of this new item will set you back $5.

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Kogi BBQ: Back to School Short Rib Chilaquiles

Never ceasing to make me drool, the Kogi BBQ Truck‘s timely specials are always on point. This week, we get treated to the truck’s Short Rib Chilaquiles, smothered with corn tortillas, tomatillos, sour cream, onions, cilantro and cheese. Gotta get out and try this!


Namu's Gamja Fries

If you guys have ever taken a look at our features page, you might have read our Korean BBQ: For Non-Koreans article, and know how good Korean BBQ truly is. If not, brush up on some history and check out this new spin on an American dish with a little Korean flair! This is Korean take on the classic chili-cheese fries! Crispy hand-cut potatoes topped with tasty bits of short ribs, mounds of kimchee relish, green onions, and a not so secret sauce of kewpie mayo, teriyaki, and gochujang (a spicy-sweet paste of red chili peppers and fermented soy bean)! If your as down as I am to try this intense mash up of west and east coast flavors, let us road trip up to Namu’s restaurant in San Fran! Real talk, hit me up at! (Thx LMS)


Craving: Kogi BBQ Short Rib Kimchi Quesadilla

This particular image of a Short Rib Kimchi Quesadilla from the Kogi BBQ truck is driving me crazy. This latest feature depicts the origin of this amazingly delicious looking beast, which traces back to the first days of the Kogi truck when someone had called the health department and had the truck shut down for a good 40 minutes as it was inspected by authorities. While they passed the test, they felt bad for those who had to stand by not knowing if they would even be served again, and as a result, this quesadilla was born! I’m craving!