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McDonald’s Savagely Rips On Hipster Coffee Shops In New McCafe Commercial

There’s a divide when it comes to independent coffee shops and the bigger commercial providers of coffee. Some patrons prefer the convenience of getting their caffeine fix in mere minutes, while others prefer a more personalized coffee-drinking experience.

A McDonald’s ad in the United Kingdom decided to poke a little fun at the “hipster” coffee shops.

The video goes through all the stereotypes that come with frequenting an independently run coffee establishment from outrageous mediums to serve coffee in to the above-average prices. McDonald’s new ad was created to promote the simplicity of ordering McCafe coffee drinks with their freshly roasted beans.

While we do love the atmosphere and whimsicality that comes from a non-commerical coffee store, we can’t help but laugh at the McCafe commercial.

So which side of the coffee line do you belong to?

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Taco Bell Opens Their Online Taco Shop For Holiday Swag


With the holidays getting closer and closer, you’re probably starting to sweat about what to get your loved ones almost as much as you would after drowning a Crunchwrap in Taco Bell’s Diablo salsa.

Knowing that we’re probably going to be in a bind regarding gifts, the fast food chain has now opened up their Taco Shop to fans and patrons who are looking to get some pretty sweet Taco Bell swag for their friends and family.

Items from the online store include Taco Bell gift cards, vintage sweatshirts, cellphone cases, hot sauce beach towels, and t-shirts.

Taco Bell’s merch are sorted into a $5, $10, and $25 dollar price range, in case you wanted to put a monetary value on your friendships.

Check out the Taco Shop for ideas on what to get your closest compadres this holiday. We’re gonna try to get our hands on one of those sweet vintage sweaters.

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This Coffee Shop Charges You Every Minute You’re Sitting Inside


We’ve been guilty of purchasing a small coffee and spending an entire day working remote at a Starbucks before. With the free bathrooms and WiFi, working in a coffeeshop is probably one of our preferred places to crunch out some editorial pieces like this beauty.

A new cafe in Brooklyn, however, won’t let you just lounge around all day just for buying a small drink. Williamsburg’s Glasshour charges customers $6 for the first hour they’re at the coffee shop and 10 cents for every minute after the first hour.

The model is similar to those of cyber cafes where you’re charged by the time rather than purchases, Grubstreet reports.

While you’re there, you can relax and play some board games, drink coffee or tea, and even get some free snacks.

Customer’s won’t be charged more than $24 bucks though. So think of it as a parking garage for your butt.

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London Coffee Shop Makes Baristas Learn Bruce Lee’s Martial Arts To Make Them Better Workers


A London fast food chain is employing some of Bruce Lee’s martial arts inspiration to speed up the serving time of its drinks.

Some baristas of the coffee shop Leon have been sent to train in the martial art of Wing Chun in order to improve on their hand speed. The employees were sent on a six week intensive course in the martial art made famous by Bruce Lee.

John Vincent, Co-founder of Leon, initiated the project that had six baristas undergo extensive training in March this year.

The initiative has reportedly resulted in faster service and even better quality of their coffee, the company claims. Coffee now takes 30 seconds less to prepare. The sessions have also relieved the participants of work-related stress, according to the Evening Standard.


The baristas seemed to enjoy the experience as some of them chose to continue with the Wing Chun training during their free hours.

“We noticed that the baristas, some of them were feeling quite stressed. It’s quite a stressful job,” Orla Delargy of Leon was quoted as saying. “We tested their heart rate and their confidence levels then we did six weeks’ intensive Wing Tsun (Chun) training.”

We found the quality had gone up and heart rates had gone down,” he said.

Wing Chun is an ancient Chinese form of self-defense that utilizes both striking and grappling while specializing in close-range combat. The combat style also helps increase spatial awareness and helps to develop a better relationship between mind and body.

Written by Ryan General | NextShark

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Guy Singing Matisyahu Song In Coffee Shop Is Surprised By Matisyahu [WATCH]

We’ve all seen those celebrity prank shows where they’ll do something like enter their own look-a-like contest, or Jewel puts on a fat suit and goes to a karaoke bar to sing her own songs. We love these videos because it humanizes our idols and it makes us feel like they really are one of us.

Well, one lucky guy got the coffee break story of a lifetime when he began singing an impromptu Matisyahu song at a local coffee shop in Maui, Hawaii.

Matisyahu was in town for the Mayjah Rayjah music festival held in Maui, and decided to unwind and relax at the little spot. It came as a pleasant surprise to Kekoa Alama, the man in the background with the ukulele, when a random dude got up at the front of the coffee shop and started signing along with

Some time into the song, Matisyahu joined in on the revelry, drawing a smile of approval from Alama. It wasn’t until after the song had finished that Alama discovered who this sugar-voiced stranger was.

“Yo, you got a beautiful voice man,” said Alama to the tall, smiling songster.

“You know who wrote that song?” asks Matisyahu.

“Matisyahu?” says Alama, at which point Matisyahu poked his own chest with his finger.

“Na…for real?”

“I’m Matisyahu.”

“Oh Jesus, what’s up man?! You look a little different!”

Honestly, I had no idea what Matisyahu looked like before watching this video, so don’t feel so bad if you were also confused until the end, especially since it almost seems like Alama knows more of the words than Matisyahu did.

Check out the heartwarming video below.


7 Essential Pizza Prints Every Pizza Lover Should Have

There are a lot of people out there who claim to “love” pizza. However, these basic fans don’t know how to commit to pizza. You, on the other hand, want to live and breathe pizza, not just eat it. And you’re not alone! A few visually talented people clearly in lifelong pizza relationships created seven ways to keep your one, true love close to you.

A photo posted by 🍕 #DailyPizza (@pizza) on


Pizza Socks

odd sox pizza socks

Warm, sticky, garlicky…pizza was made for feet, but wearing these socks is the only time pizza should be on the ground.

Where to buy: $14.99 at Odd Sox

Pizza Panties

pizza panties

Now, this item is really between you and your pizza, but this is a good option for closeted pizza lovers (looking at you, vegans) who want to show their love without marching in the pizza pride parade.

Where to buy: $5.00 at Target


Pizza Backpack

pizza backpack

Who are you gonna trust with your prized belongings? Your hands or your pizza backpack?

Where to buy: $34.99 at Target


Pizza Dress

pizza dress

Pizza is as classy as you make it. Take your pizza dress out on a date and let it hug your curves. You know, where its sister pizzas went.

Where to buy: $44 at Sourpuss Clothing


Pizza Tie

pizza tie

For the working professional, nothing says dedication and “I can be trusted with your Excel sheets” like a pizza tie.

Where to buy: $36-45 at Zazzle


Pizza Onesies

pizza onesie

On a rainy Saturday, pull on your pizza onesie and binge on Netflix and pizza. Or maybe it’s sunny out and you’re just having a bad day. Rest easy knowing that your onesie has your back. And your legs. And everything else except your feet, hands and the delivery bill.

Where to buy: $129.95 at Beloved


Pizza Bedsheets

pizza bedsheets

At the end of a long day, everyone just wants to fall into the loving folds of their pizza. These sheets are the ultimate safe space for your body, your feelings, and your late night munchies.

Where to buy: $219.84 at Rage On


Watch Hipsters Being the Worst at Ordering Coffee [Video]


From the same guys responsible for Hipsters Love Beer — an insanely accurate take on bar folk — comes a fabulous parody on the worst best people you’ll run into at a coffee shop.  Nachopunch delivers an especially entertaining comedy on patrons ordering double soy lattes with extra vanilla foam and organic beans caressed by the gentle hands of a coffee die-hard.

“Spell my name wrong so I can complain about it on Facebook,” requests one mustached gentleman. Another proudly displays his aged Sumatra roast, which comes in a stone desk fountain. A girl buys a special blend so a child in Uganda can have a latte too. Everyone’s a writer. One guy won’t stop asking for free refills or wifi.  In short, it’s perfect.


Town Loses Local Shop, Replaces it With a Giant Vending Machine

vending machine

Across the pond there’s a small community in Clifton, Derbyshire that has been without a local shop for nearly fourteen years. Without a grocery store, let alone a convenience shop, the residents have been forced to travel to the next nearest town for their essentials. Fortunately for the Clifton community electrical engineer Peter Fox found a solution for the town’s shopping needs.

After the closure of Clifton’s village shop Fox began toying with the idea of a vending machine to fill the void. Unfortunately Fox couldn’t generate enough interest to have a firm aid in the development in the machine so he did it himself. After three years of development Fox’s automatic shop made its Clifton debut this past week.

Adorned with a brick exterior and overhead awning the giant vending machine gives off that local shop feel. What makes this vending machine difference from any other is its ability to handle items of varying weight, delicacy, and wide range of products. The automatic shop contains chill compartments to accommodate cold items such as milk and eggs. Besides grocery items the machine also stocks pet food, toiletries, and even umbrellas. Residents can pay for their items using cash or credit cards.

Fox hopes to create more automatic shops for other small towns in the area.

H/T + PicThx Daily Mail