Carnival Cruise Plans To Stop Booze Smuggling By Banning Carry-On Bottles


Carnival Cruise Line has announced that they’re banning customers from bringing carry-on beverage bottles onto their cruise liners. This is in an effort to minimize guests sneaking alcohol onto the ship disguised as water.

Bottles must now be in unopened cans or cartons and can not exceed a 12-pack. This means passengers can no longer bring carry-on bottles. Even cooler sizes have been limited for fear of sneaking drinks. So far, the only exception is a single bottle of fine wine or champagne.

According to Carnival Cruise Line, bottled drinks are a major way for guests to sneak booze onto the cruise. Carnival states that instances of bad behavior during the cruise is usually traced back to alcohol smuggled onto the line. While it definitely makes it harder for folks to get drunk on the cheap, it understandable creates a safer and overall better guest experience.

The ban will be in effect starting July 9. To ease things for guests who actually bring water on board, Carnival has lowered the price of water bottles.

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