This Toy Brings the Novelty of A Revolving Sushi Restaurant Straight to Your Home

Sushi Toy

While some kids are making cupcakes with their Easy-Bake Ovens, kids in Japan are learning how to make their own sushi. The new children’s toy is a conveyor belt that allows them to create and enjoy revolving sushi without ever having to step foot in a restaurant.

Appropriately named “Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi,” the  belt comes with four mini plates attached to a toy ship. Each plate is able to hold a few pieces of sushi as it loops around a circular track. The belt also comes with tools that helps teach  kids  how to make sushi at an early age. While it doesn’t boast the convenience of having chefs make your sushi for you, it does bring the fun novelty of a conveyor belt restaurant straight to your home.

The Super Seizing At Home Conveyor Sushi is only available in Japan and while it’s marketed towards children, I’m sure a fair share of adults will reach for their wallets.

H/T Kotaku