How To Pair Your Favorite Seafood With The Right Beer

Shark Week is quickly approaching and the folks at Let’s Grab a Beer want to celebrate the occasion with a new graphic. Celebrating the multitude of seafood dishes soon appearing on restaurant menu’s the graphic pairs each one with a specific beer.

If you’re a fan of tuna, you might want to try a Pilsner. IPA enthusiasts may want to go for some crab cakes. Check out the graphic below and see what sea creature you should drink to.



Shark Attack With Your Coffee?

It looks like your ordinary, non-threatening simple white mug from the outside, but before you know it you’ll be screamin’ Shaaaaaark! The Shark Attack Porcelain Mug is for those who need more than just milk and sugar with their morning pick me up. It would also make at great gag gift, especially for those who suffer from selachophobia. ($9.56 @


Charm City Cakes’ Ode To #SharkWeek

Fictional character Tracy Jordan from NBC’s Thirty Rock television series once said, “Live every week, like it’s shark week.” Now that it actually is Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, the exceptionally timely cake artists at Charm City Cakes have revealed one of their latest works — The Shark Week Cake.

The attention to detail attributed to this cake is indicative of the Charm City style,  with facial expressions to a tee and the water glistening in its ugly, yet beautiful green musk. Even the blood is murky and permeating into its liquid surroundings.

If you’re sad, then remember…it’s Shark Week!