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Keto Cookie Makers That Just Scored Big On ‘Shark Tank’ Share Their Raw Experience

Shark Tank has us all hooked because of the drama and intensity that goes into each pitch. The show continues to succeed well into their 10th season because let’s face it — we all wonder what it’d be like to bring an idea to the Sharks.

We’re hooked on the entrepreneur’s story and their dreams of success, and for a few minutes, we’re cheering for them to land that big deal (or crash and burn in the process). That brief TV appearance is the culmination of months of work and stress, and a couple of keto cookie entrepreneurs that just scored a Shark Tank deal let us in on their raw experience.

Photo courtesy of Kristoffer Quiaoit / ABC

Fresh off landing a solid deal on the show from baseball legend and Shark Alex Rodriguez (aka A-Rod), Kristoffer Quiaoit and Victor Macias, co-founders of keto cookie company Nuihopped onto Foodbeast’s The Katchup podcast to share their story just a few short days after their episode debuted. 

Here are a few key takeaways that Quiaoit and Macias revealed into what it took to get on Shark Tank while simulatenously trying to keep their business afloat at the same time.

Developing Your ‘Skin In The Game’

“Skin in the game” is a popular term with investors looking to make sure the business owners are serious. It means that part of their own money is used to start the business, but for Quiaoit and Macias, it’s more than just physical capital. They’ve built up plenty of emotional capital tied with their mission of bringing keto cookies to the mainstream. The community that’s emerged around their product keeps them driven and wanting to grow Nui as much as possible.

The Initial Casting Call Can Take All Day

If you do find a casting call near you and want to pitch your business, be prepared to wait all day for your chance to get in. “It was like American Idol,” Quiaoit recalled, as the line wrapped around the audition location (a casino in Southern California) easily by early morning. At least 1,000 people were in line, an entire cast of characters looking to get their 15 minutes with the Sharks. Quiaoit and Macias arrived around 8 am and weren’t seen until 8 pm.

Prepping For The Show With No Guarantee

After the audition, even with positive affirmation from the casting folks — there’s no guarantee that you’ll get on the show immediately or even for a while. With that in mind, you have to head back to the grind of your startup but also continue to prep for an appearance on the show as if you got the spot. That way, if that call does come, your pitch is still solidified and ready to rock.

Taking The ‘Destiny’s Child’ Approach

One of the biggest concerns Quiaoit and Macias had with appearing on the show was nerves and freezing up, as a big-stage moment like that can literally take your breath away. To address that, they took a cue from Destiny’s Child, who’s known to practice singing after running up hills to get used to performing while totally out of breath. In the case of these entrepreneurs, they would practice their pitch after exercising intensely, getting super amped on caffeine, or when totally sleep deprived to account for every scenario possible.

Continuing To Grow Your Business

Quaioit and Macias still had to run Nui while practicing for their appearance, making sure that their business continued to grow and develop in the process. They were able to get it to $1 million in annual sales before going on the show, and even executed an entire rebrand, changing their name from The Keto Cookie to Nui. That came with a notification to Shark Tank that there had been a name change, which the show ended up being totally cool with.

Putting The Chips In Their Favor

Practicing and prepping was more than just being able to recite the one-minute pitch. Quiaoit and Macias took care to ensure their mental and physical health was in peak condition as well. This meant going to the gym, meditating, power posing, eating keto, and anything else they could do to help keep nerves down and put the “chips in their favor,” as Quiaoit put it.

Know Your Numbers

The more key financials and numbers you can memorize and have on hand, the better. From all of the pitches the Nui team listened to while prepping, they immediately understood that numbers were key and should come first, and they believe that leading with those numbers impressed investors like Mark Cuban while on-air.

Nui’s success on Shark Tank came from all of the above and then some. To see how they got their deal and what was going through their mind while on camera, you can hear their entire story on the newest episode of Foodbeast’s The Katchup podcast embedded above. If you’re interested in buying their cookies, you can find them on Nui’s website as well as on Amazon.

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Mark Cuban Regrets Not Investing In This Shrimp Burger On ‘Shark Tank’

Photo: TechCrunch (Wikimedia Commons)

On the hit TV show Shark Tank, hundreds of potential ideas have come through and been critiqued by some of the top investors in the country, so it’s easy to miss on a potential million-dollar opportunity.

For “Shark” Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, the biggest miss that he’s admitted on live television is a frozen shrimp burger from Chef Big Shake, aka Shawn Davis. The burger was pitched back in 2011, and while Big Shake’s Shrimp Burgers may have flopped and walked away with no investors on the show, it has taken off since then, jumping from $30,000 in sales to $5 million in just a year.

While the Sharks loved the shrimp burgers and thought they tasted delicious, all of them were initially wary of investing in the company and felt the valuation of it was incorrect. While this led to Davis leaving the show with no deal, he impressed viewers enough that angel investors stepped forward afterward to bring in $500,000 of investment to the company, allowing the shrimp burgers to spread to more than 22,000 grocery stores nationwide and causing sales to jump into the millions.

Shark Tank’s Chef Big Shake’s “SHRIMP BURGER” #tennessee

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Today, Chef Big Shake has stopped selling his shrimp burgers in grocery stores due to fees, however, many restaurants around the country continue to sell them, as does his restaurant chain, which Davis now has plans to begin franchising.

Cuban and fellow Shark Daymond John have also both remained close with Davis after his pitch, with Cuban telling Davis that he’d remain a customer for life. Daymond John also gave Davis his private cell number so that he could call for advice, something that Big Shake still thanks him for to this day.

Daymond John never verbally expressed regret for missing out on Big Shake’s Shrimp Burgers, but Cuban’s remarks make it clear that Big Shake is probably one of the biggest – and most delicious – success stories of a Shark Tank flop in history.

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Boneless Ribs Might Be Shark Tank Investor’s ‘Biggest Deal Ever’

Three years ago, on the hit CNBC show Shark Tank, investor Daymond John decided to inject $300,000 into boneless rib makers Bubba-Q’s Boneless Ribs for 30% ownership because he thought the idea was “brilliant.”

At the time, the company’s owner, former NFL player Al “Bubba” Baker, reported $154,000 in annual sales to the Sharks. Today, that sales number is now around a staggering $16 million dollars, and Daymond John believes it could be his “biggest deal ever” from the show.

From the moment that Bubba-Q’s Boneless Ribs appeared on Shark Tank, the sales kept pouring in and deals were made. This year, that growth was finally taken notice of by a major fast food chain company: CKE Restaurants. After reportedly discovering the company at a food industry trade show, they decided to order a million pounds of the patented boneless ribs to create a new sandwich for their two chains, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s, exponentially growing sales numbers for the boneless rib makers.

Baker was ecstatic and emotional about the progress of his company in an interview with CNBC.

“When you have a project that is 30 some years in the making and you finally see it come to fruition — the emotions, it was overwhelming. It’s been three years and sales are at $16 million and I just can’t believe it.”

Daymond John concurred, saying that “the future is bright” for Bubba-Q’s Boneless Ribs.

With a massive deal like the one CKE Restaurants just gave them, things are definitely looking great for Al Baker and Daymond John.

And now, Americans have a brand new way to try out these real boneless ribs for themselves.