How to Make an Edible YouTube Play Button Cake

Next time you’re hosting a Webby awards party, you can volunteer to make the desert. You’ll want to anyway, because How To Cook That will teach you how to make a YouTube cake, that looks exactly like the iconic play button.

A masterpiece like this takes some time. The process starts with baking a sponge cake, then cutting it into tiny triangles (the play button) and stringing them on a skewer placed into a long container.  Then, interested bakers can make a raspberry and white-chocolate mousse, which is poured into the mold and set. So maybe this should be called a YouTube mousse with only a little cake. But either way, it sounds and looks absolutely delicious.

How to Cook That also features a recipe for a Twitter cake and an Instagram cake. So if you’re having a big gathering, you can at least have enough cakes to go around (or let your friends pick their social media outlet of choice). What’s up next for this cake-baking channel? We’d be willing to bet some Facebook or Pinterest-worthy Pinterest cakes (heh) might appear in the future.


Cookie Sharing 101


PicThx Pleated Jeans


Strategic Tips for Sharing Your Food [HUMOR]

If you’re into that food sharing thing, at least do it efficiently.

I personally feel that my food is my food. Don’t try to touch my hot wings. I’ve never understood the idea that a piece of my cookie, or a couple of my chips could hold you off ’til your next meal. I understand if you want to try the delicious new Doritos that I just copped at 7-Eleven, but if I’m enjoying my Flaming Hot Cheetos, get your own damn bag.

The only time food should be shared is when it is in story form so you can post on your Facebook timeline, or re-tweet it.

I like the concept Pleated Jeans highlights with the Milkshake sharing technique and quite frankly, I’d incorporate that method with all foods. As far as the chicken, you can have the breast. I’m more of a leg and thigh guy.

I know, it’s hard to say no sometimes. So if you do share, here are some helpful tips on preserving the good parts.

Feel free to contribute your own methods of sharing, or experiences with food sharing.

[Thx Pleated Jeans]